Website Ad Publishing Software Made Easy

Did you know your website can earn you money? LunaSoft's Ad Campaign Manager, a user-friendly ad publishing software system, makes it easy for you to sell text or banner ads on your site. You set prices, choose expiration dates, and select spaces for sale. Advertisers can upload ads and view corresponding reports such as number of "clicks". Payments to you can be quickly made through an optional e-commerce driven integration with PayPal or Become the publisher today and earn additional revenue from your site traffic.

Key features include:

Ad Management

  • Choose the price for individual spaces and advertisements
  • Select advertising space on your site
  • Set expiration dates for ads
  • Create, edit or delete ads
  • Individual or group advertisement options
  • Prioritize new requests for ad placement

Reporting and Statistics

  • Easy to read graphs and reports
  • Reporting on pages with most views, etc
  • Users can log in to view statistics including:
    • Clicks
    • Views
    • And more!


  • Advertiser can register, upload and pay in real-time
  • Auto pay with PayPal and (Optional)
  • Integrated e-commerce revenue system allows users to purchase ads directly through the site (Optional)