Adding Contact Forms to a Website

Think of a scenario when you lost a lead or a potential customer.  Let's say they wanted something, but they didn't know whether you could provide it or not.  As a result of the unknown, they proceeded to a competitor, and that's the last you ever knew of that person.  Don't you wish you could've just asked that customer what they were looking for?  In real life, you probably would've approached that person and asked the question or they would've approached you; however, you can't walk up to and greet a visitor on your website, and they usually won't instinctively approach you.

In order to make sure a user on your website turns into a qualified lead, your website needs to have several calls to action, each of which having the potential to real in the catch.  One of the most effective calls to action is the contact form.  And, with the Luna form builder, adding contact forms to a website has never been easier.  The form builder is a turn key solution that gives it's users the ability to customize contact forms and quickly insert them throughout their website.  And, why wouldn't you plant opportunities throughout your site?  By adding the form to your website, it at least gives the website user the opportunity to ask you the question that determines whether or not you have the solution to their pain point.

Not only does adding contact forms increase the user engagement of a website, it also increases the conversion rate.  If that same confused lead is looking at your website, and they can't find exactly what they're looking for, then at least they can ask you to contact them to offer your best solution. 

If you're a dentist, then it's likely that potential patients are looking at your website all day.  Let's say a random person with crooked teeth has done research and determined that they would like to use the popular product, Invisalign, as a solution to straighten their teeth.  They land on the homepage of your website, and they proceed to three sub-pages, each of which describes a service.  One page is for a cleaning, another page is for filling cavities, and the third is about teeth whitening.  The page you've written about offering Invisalign is buried in the navigation because the majority of your business is cleanings and whitenings.  By now, the customer is mildly frustrated, and ready to move on to your competitors website.

As a consumer, they have to assume that most dentists provide Invisalign.  If you had a contact form on each of those three pages, then by the time they got to the third page, they could've just filled it out with their name and number, and submitted the question: ""Do you offer Invisalign as a service, and how much does it cost?" Now, you have the lead's contact information, and you can promptly call them (before they reach the competitor's site) and let them know that you have been executing this service for years, you can do it cheaper than everyone else, and that you would love to schedule a free consultation to earn their business.

Adding contact forms to websites is just one of the many solutions to increase the number of connections you make with the people that are already looking at your business and considering your products/services.  Give them one more chance to approach you to ask if you can provide that something that they need.  You probably can, and you've already earned that business by paying for your website to be built.  You might as well take the next step and increase the ROI from your website.  Then, we can talk about adding live chat to your site so you CAN approach your website visitors, but that's another story.  Want to learn more about adding contact forms to your website?  Fill out the contact form below, and we'll be in touch to schedule a free live demo. I bet we have what you need.

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