Maintenance Packages

Web Maintenance / Web Development / Design

Because the LunaSoft platform is more than just a tool for your website - many customers solicit the services of Luna for web design, email marketing, SEO, html and other non-software related services. Some of these are listed below. Our partner offers monthly retainer packages so you have an extension of your team to consult with.

We've partnered with our sister company to offer website maintenance services including, consulting, project management, graphic design and more. 

  • HTML - Changing, adding, deleting, formatting text on pages
  • Uploading documents
  • Adding multimedia (i.e. pictures, PDF files, videos)
  • Adding an html page from a template
  • Creating a new template
  • E-commerce shopping carts (adding, editing, deleting products)
  • Image optimization (enhancing, cropping, resizing, optimizing)
  • Altering xhtml/CSS code
  • Web graphics (buttons, banners, text ads, etc.)
  • Graphic Design (web, logos, postcards, brochures, print)
  • Programming
  • Database Development (MySQL)

*Work billed at $125/hr. All work cost and timeframes are estimated prior to start. Most basic work is completed within 48 hours. Rush jobs are billed may be billed a rush fee.

Monthly (retainer clients) - Sample Plans

Plan Monthly Pricing Monthly Savings Monthly Hours Retained
Basic Upkeep $575 $50 5
Service Plan $1700 $175 15
Enterprise $3300 $450 30
Dedicated Team Services Include: $4500 (base price) Extensive based on support provided (see below) 40 (base)
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • DB Backups and Restore Insurance
  • Dedicated Phone Line
  • Cell Phones to key staff members
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Key staff experts redundantly trained in your online application(s) including: Webmaster, Systems/DB administrator, Graphic Designer and Technical Support.
  • Ongoing Consulting to improve ROI
  • Technical Call Center Support for Mindy and Customers
Custom Plans

Let us know what solutions you’re looking for. The plans above can be altered to suit your organization.

We offer custom plans based on your organizations needs and goals. We are capable and willing to staff according to your business needs with appropriate long-term contract commitments.

Our expertise in hiring, filtering and training high-tech, and skilled experts in the web industry saves you time, energy, resources and money. 

**Custom plans are available for unique needs of organizations requiring ongoing dedicated support.

Onsite support/consulting $250/hr - ($50/hr travel time). Retainers require minimum commitment of 6 months for discounts.

Why should you consider for your website support?

1. Discounted Pricing - Expert Results

We are experts at what we do. Nonetheless, our rates are extremely competitive and discounted for monthly clients. In addition you’ll save money in other areas that you may not even recognize at first. For example, to hire a skilled webmaster in-house can be costly. Annual salaries for a high end web experts can range upwards of $100,000+/yr. There is additional cost in management, hard costs like payroll taxes, benefits and other overhead. Finding the right individual with the skills you need can be a daunting task, then hiring the wrong employee can be costly. 

We’ve already found the best talent and individuals who are honest, hard working and extremely efficient. This is what we do every day, so we can do it several times faster than the average skilled worker. We know you will save money if your website requires regular monthly maintenance.

2. Priority turnaround

Even if there are other tasks on our plate – we will put you first in the “queue” to make sure your needs are accommodated in a timely manner.

3. Enhanced/priority support

We monitor your URL(s) to make sure your hosting provider is giving you the service you deserve. We also monitor other facets of your website at the basic level, for example web pages indexed by search engines, overall traffic and page copy. We can provide enhanced search engine support as well upon request.

4. Proactive Consulting

When we see opportunities to help you succeed by increasing leads, generating new revenue or becoming more efficient to decrease costs, we are proactive so that you will have added success. We always remember that the more successful you are – we succeed right along with you.

5. We are part of your team/dedicated account representative

Customers have access to our staff outside of normal business hours. You will have our cell phone and IM handle if needed. We will often work later hours or Saturdays if urgency is an issue without additional charges. We are not just a vendor - we become a member of your staff and can sit in on meetings if needed to help in organizational goals. You've committed to us, so we commit to you.