All-In-One Software for Business

social media software for businessThe concept of "all-in-one" is such a nice thought, but rarely does this concept actually apply to something.  If you were to perform a Google search for the term "all in one printer," you would see dozens of printers priced from $60-$9,000.  But, how can a $60 dollar printer be all in one when there is a printer in the same category that costs more than 100X more money?  Surely, the $9,000 dollar printer performs functions that the $60 dollar printer wouldn't even dream of.  In reality, you'd be shocked at how much capability a $60 dollar printer has, but it's not truly an "all in one" device.  It probably wouldn't work for everyone, but it's still a great value.  Unfortunately, a great value doesn't necessarily accomplish what you need it to do.

lunalytics analytics softwareWhen it comes to software for business, similar logic applies.  There are software services that cost $1/month and there are services that cost several thousand per month, and they all claim to help a business function more efficiently.  If you've just started a new venture, and having anything online at all would greatly help your business, then for $1/month you can launch a GoDaddy website, and it comes with the software to actually build the site.  Even though it wouldn't accomplish what 99% of businesses actually need, it's still a great value.  The $60 dollar printer gets the job done for a home office that requires little to no printing, and the GoDaddy platform gets the job done for a food cart.  But, a law office that prints thousands of document by the day would drown with the $60 printer, and they would also drown with a GoDaddy website.

Email Newsletter Software for Business"You Have to Spend Money to Make Money."  This quote has been in circulation for quite some time, and that's for good reason.  A lawyer who owns his practice knows this because before he or she spent money getting their practice up and running, they had to pay for many years of schooling just so they were given the legal right to earn money through their profession.  They know the value in one of those high speed printers; and, they know that their choice in software for their business will have major implications on the success and growth of the company.  You see, great software doesn't do everything for you.  Instead, it allows you to do all of the same things in significantly less time.  One of the biggest differences between the $60 dollar printer and the $9,000 dollar printer is the time it would take to print a thousand sheets, for example.  A lawyer doesn't have an extra few minutes to wait for the machine to finish printing; and, similarly, they don't have time to wait for their website to attracting an audience.  That needed to be done yesterday.

Even with free SEO tools, it's difficult to get a GoDaddy site to rank organically, and it's nearly impossible to bring in a multitude of inbound leads through GoDaddy services as well.  Can they bring in any leads? Yes!  Just like a $60 dollar printer still prints!  The average customer value for a lawyers is thousands of dollars; so, paying several hundred dollars per month for software doesn't seem like much, especially if that's helping the firm bring in dozens of hot leads.  Great marketing automation software does cost hundreds per month.  In hubspot's case, their cheapest plan is $200/month and that plan still requires a $500 dollar training.  Believe it or not, that's a good deal.  The Luna platform includes marketing automation software as well; but, it includes so much more.  It will manage your subscriptions, your listings, your contacts, your shopping cart, your help desk, your trainings, your live chat and more.  And that's in addition to social media, mass email, analytics, and everything that an average marketing automation company would consider everything they have.

If there are two things you should get out of this piece, it's that all in one software is real and that it does cost money.  And, that spending money to make money is a logical concept.  If your business is worth your time, then it's worth your money.  Get in touch with a member of the Luna team, and ask them how you can make more money today.