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3 Small Business Pain Points That Can Already Be Solved With Software

Every business has pain points.  Some have them worse than others; but, as the SaaS (software as a service) industry has picked up, there are now several easy solutions for business pain points that most people are unaware of.  Here are three solutions that you can take advantage of today:

  1. Social Media Solutions for Pain PointsSocial Media Suite:  It's 2014 and social media is everywhere.  You already know that you need a Facebook page, a Twitter page, Google+, LinkedIn and several other platforms that you've never heard of.  But, logging into each platform separately and posting to each platform one by one is monotonous and a waste of time.  With social media software, you can now post to every platform from one place.  That one place also has reporting, and it automatically posts new blog posts to all of your platforms.  Social media is necessary in the workplace; but, with quality software, it's also easy.
  2. Form Builder and Landing Page Generator:  Anyone with experience using WordPress, Joomla, or the like, knows that creating new web pages is easy.  But, did you know that you can easily turn those pages into lead capturing machines?  Adding a custom contact form, a survey, or a payment form couldn't be easier.  With three clicks of the mouse, you can add a form to your website that collects contact information, or processes Visa and Mastercard.  Adding new pages and gaining additional website traffic is great and all, but increasing your opportunity to convert is priceless.
  3. User Employee Management Pain Points SolvedEmployee/User Manager:  Not only can you store passwords online in your website, but you can limit access to those who need it.  If you are forced with the task of firing an employee, remove their access before breaking the bad news.  If you're hiring someone new, then limit their access to what they need and give them new access as necessary.  The days of being foiled by an old employee are long gone, and the days of easy user management are here.  The system can even track employee performance, so you know who did what and when they did it.

Above are three pain points that can be solved today.  In addition to them, we have dozens of software modules that are ready to solve your pain points with the click of a button.  Don't let your pain get in the way of growing your business.  Let your tools do what you don't want to do, so you can focus on what you need to do.