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3 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Often

Of course, there are dozens of ways by which you can increase the conversion rate of your website to increase revenue.  You could redesign your entire website and set up a series of A/B Tests, which would cost a pretty penny; or, you could make some minor adjustments that don't take up very much time or resources:

  1. make website convert more often with testimonialsOffer Proof of Value: Instead of having your company website claim that you're the best in the world at what you do, show your audience why that's the case.  Adding testimonials can do this pretty quickly.  You could also do a case study, or drive traffic to review sites, like Yelp, where you already have glowing reviews.  You could also prove it with videos of the product/service or by giving a live demo.  You could even promote social media pages where you have had great engagement from your current customers.  Show your audience that you're the best, and eliminate the need to tell them.
  2. Reduce Potential Risk:  When you checkout at any brick and mortar store, it's nice to know that you can always return to the store and receive a full refund in you are not satisfied with your purchase.  Now, apply that logic to your website.  If you have a warranty, then make that obvious.  Will you provide a lifetime of customer service?  How about a pain compensation guarantee, or a free trial?  Anything that reduces the buyers risk at the point of sale will make them more comfortable when proceeding to give you their money.
  3. Remove Website Distractions:  You may have a cool slider that features all kinds of modernistic graphics with javascript popups, complex sidebars and more.  Now, ask yourself, why do I need all of that stuff?  The answer is that you probably don't need all of it, and some of it may be preventing your website from converting.  It's very easy for a customer to get distracted when they're browsing through any website.  You need your calls to action to be in very clear places that tell the customer his or her next step.  Having too many links on the sidebar, or an overcrowded main navigation can send your customers into loops of frustration that end with them leaving the website.  In website development, less can be more.

In conclusion, make the little changes that don't cost a leg and an arm.  You can increase your conversion rate, get more value out of your website; and, most of all, increase your businesses' digital revenue.  You've earned that website traffic, so make sure you're traffic is converting into money in your pocket.