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Add Online Event Registration to my Website

Luna Event Registration ModuleFrustrated with organizing signups for your events? Disappointed with how much time it takes you to register a customer?  Don't you wish your customers could just find your website, sign up for the event, and then POOF, a clean attendance list is emailed to you after being automatically organized on the same software platform that manages your website?

Meet the Luna Event Registration Module, and say goodbye to your pain.  It's Clean, Simple, Easy, and can save you countless hours of frustration and hassle that are inevitably going to be a part of running any type of event.  The module is commonly used by concert halls, convention centers, corporate training, fine dining, and any other organization that would require online scheduling or reservations. 

Manage Event OnlineKey features include custom event forms with easy to use drag and drop fields.  Customize your fields by using drop downs, check boxes, or just text.  You could even create a custom label or upload a document to the form. 

Do you use social media to promote your events?  If you add online registration to your website, you will also have the ability to create and send social media posts to your active accounts.  Similarly, send out email notifications to your attendees without leaving the comfort of your software platform.  That includes automatic emails to new sign ups and custom emails with personal information.

Luna Social MediaDoes your event cost money?  The same event registration module allows you to accept payment before a user is able to register.  Transactions are all secure and funds are automatically posted to your bank account.  Lastly, manage your attendees like they are contacts in a contact management system.  Change their status or add details to the attendee's profile. 

Don't let your next event run you.  Turn on the Luna platform and make your event stress free.  What's causing your business pain?