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Brick And Mortar High Tech Brick Store Fronts and Showrooms

Amazon Retail StoreIn February of this year, the LunaSoft showroom was opened to the surprise of many Salt Lake and Utah residents.  The store itself is capable of selling websites out of the box, and Luna is proud to offer the deluxe suite of software tools an entrepreneur needs to thrive in today's digital-heavy marketplace.  The Apple Stores have been around for quite some time, and they are the gold standard for high tech stores with their flashy gadgets and awesome hardware.  Since Apple's reported success, we have seen several Microsoft stores pop up across the country.  Now, another major eCommerce player in ready to join the brick and mortar game.  That would be Amazon.

Amazon has hundreds of enormous warehouses that store a countless number of any one of their product offerings, but they have never actually had a retail store before.  To no one's surprise, they've chosen midtown Manhattan as their location (surely there won't be any foot traffic there), and they are anticipating a huge boom of engagement.  This is because New Yorkers will soon be able to return products to a physical store; additionally, it will be used as a small warehouse that is configured for same day delivery to customers in the Big Apple. 

Amazon has been making pushes to increase delivery speeds for quite some time.  Most people are familiar with Amazon's push to use automated drones to deliver products, but the store front is a lot more realistic and current with today's times as opposed to tomorrow's.  Either way, Amazon has teased us with the idea for years, and now we will see how they fare.  They may start competing with a variety of retail stores that have never considered themselves Amazon competitors before.  The only reason we don't use Amazon all the time is that sometimes we need something today, and even overnight shipping can't account for that.  

Users will be given the luxury of same-day pickup on any item that's in stock in the store.  It's even been speculated that they will be able to get any product to their NYC location if an order is placed by a certain time.  Will we be seeing more high tech companies using the brick and mortar method?  Obviously Luna is a big believer in the showroom concept, and we have always expected others to do the same.  We can vouch for the amount of business and buzz that can be accumulated by a store that you can walk in to.  Would you walk into the Amazon store?