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The Importance of writing a Press Release

Writing a press release is a great marketing strategy that will keep your current clients happy and feeling important, and will potentially get you more leads. A press release today is a lot like a .... read more

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Customer Service: Dealing with Reviews

The fact is, you can't please everyone. It doesn't matter how much you train your customer service team, you may get good results, however, you'll still have that percentage of customers who, for so.... read more

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How to Be a Better Leader to Your Employees

Anyone can start a business, your age, gender and background are not important. If you have an idea and the passion to put to it to work, then you're on for an adventure. As an entrepreneur you may .... read more

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How to Make your Emails Sound More Human

  Nowadays it's hard to receive an email and think, "Oh, I'm sure the board of directors really sent this to me specifically because I'm such a valuable customer!" No. From a "customer" point .... read more

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Learn About LunaMassEmail

The email campaign manager is a turnkey web based solution that does not require any software to install or maintain. Your monthly subscription with LunaSoft allows you to mass email users and see i.... read more

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How to Choose the Best CRM?

Let's begin by defining what a CRM is. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it's a tool that should help you track interactions with your current clients, future clients, and prospects.... read more

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SaaS Companies: Get Your Client to Stick

We all know how promising a client can be, that is, if they first pass the "onboarding phase." Help your client adopt your platform as soon as they begin their journey, and you might ask, how do yo.... read more

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Grow your Business by Following These Simple Tips

Why do customers leave your business? That's a question all small business owners have ask themselves at some point, if not every day. Here are some tips on things we've learned as a SaaS vendor that.... read more

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Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users!

Instagram is a free, popular platform to connect with people online by sharing images, videos, and comments. As a user you can also share the content you post on Instagram on other social media webs.... read more

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Learn Something New Every Day

Here's a list of our favorite *free* apps that will teach you something today! 1. Daily Art free Daily Art will show you an artwork a day and will teach you something about it. #GeneralKnowledge .... read more

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