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'Soon' App Will Help You Do Those Fun Things You Keep Forgetting About

Soon is an app that will help you remember the things you need to do, and even help you discover some cool stuff to do, like what TV shows you should watch, movies, new books, music, places around you.... read more

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The Joy of PicJoy!

This is a joyous day to give thanks for this constantly growing world of technology because we are saying hello to a new innovative and must have app called PicJoy. The whole idea behind this app was .... read more

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Fee Fie Fo Fum... The Facebook Giant

Facebook is ginormous, there is no doubt about that which is why it is so important to your business. But the question is, what kind of content should you be sharing on Facebook?  This is a qu.... read more

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Download on 4 Valuable Sales Skills

Sales are fun! And so incredibly important to your business, regardless of what you do. Sales to your business is like your IV, without it, you may shrivel up and die. Joke, but really your sales forc.... read more

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Judgement Day: Windows 7 Stop Date on Halloween

The days of Microsoft Windows 7 are extremely limited.  As was reported back in February, consumer PC sales with Windows 7 will cease to exist after Halloween 2014.  With Windows 7 off the m.... read more

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Transparency in the Workplace: Does It Work? It Worked For Whole Foods

This afternoon, a few team members were talking about transparency in the workplace, and how it could be integrated into our own office culture for the benefit of the company.  So, we wanted to t.... read more

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New Domain Names Available For Sale

When the Domain Name System was first implemented, it was determined that ".com" was going to be the standard Top Level Domain (TLD) for all commercial web entities and properties.  As a result, .... read more

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Quick Read: Smart Social Media Statistics

Get Down With GooglePlus Google doesn’t often provide concrete numbers, but they have been kind enough to offer up just enough to leave us wanting more. 94% of the law firms in the United States t.... read more

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First World Apocalypse 2014: Gmail Problems, Trading In and the Unconditional Support of Justin Beib

Google caused First World Problems to reach epic proportions back in January when users determined their service was interrupted. Before there was a full on meltdown, users took to Twitter to confirm .... read more

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Life Hack: How To Use QR Codes As A Low-Cost, Effective Marketing Tool

You’ve seen them in grocery stores, on movie posters, on packages you’ve received in the mail. Those tiny squares of black and white digital hieroglyphics are everywhere. They’re called QR Codes (the .... read more

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