Study of Desktop Search Vs. Mobile Search Trends

A colleague of mine just sent me what looks like the most impressive click through rate (CTR) study we've seen to date.  The study, done by seoClarity, analyzed over two billion impressions and o.... read more

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Smart Investing: Do Small Businesses Need An App for That?

Apple’s introduction of it’s App Store changed the landscape of mobile computing and opened the door to what consumers want their smart phones to do: everything. From the second we heard the catch p.... read more

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4 Smart (and Effective!) Ideas to Attract and Convert the Mobile Market

With the explosion in the mobile market, the number of shoppers who opt for mobile devices to serve their shopping needs is only going up. Virtual market places such as Etsy report they are seeing a.... read more

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Life Hack: How To Use QR Codes As A Low-Cost, Effective Marketing Tool

You’ve seen them in grocery stores, on movie posters, on packages you’ve received in the mail. Those tiny squares of black and white digital hieroglyphics are everywhere. They’re called QR Codes (the .... read more

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