Now You Can Shop on Pinterest

On June 30th, Pinterest made it able to all its users to buy certain items on their pin boards; these "buyable pins" were differentiated by a blue "buy it" button. Pinterest launched as the first "on.... read more

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Download on 4 Valuable Sales Skills

Sales are fun! And so incredibly important to your business, regardless of what you do. Sales to your business is like your IV, without it, you may shrivel up and die. Joke, but really your sales forc.... read more

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3 Small Business Pain Points That Can Already Be Solved With Software

Every business has pain points.  Some have them worse than others; but, as the SaaS (software as a service) industry has picked up, there are now several easy solutions for business pain points t.... read more

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3 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Often

Of course, there are dozens of ways by which you can increase the conversion rate of your website to increase revenue.  You could redesign your entire website and set up a series of A/B Tests, wh.... read more

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Why Buy Anything When You Can Rent?

Last week, we talked about changing consumer trends that could stem from the implementation of the Apple Pay System.  While we are patiently waiting for that evidence to accumulate, we turn our h.... read more

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Do People Like You? 3 Key Traits Likable People Possess

As a society we tend to place high value on people with extroverted personalities. Nowhere does this become more apparent than in business. While we can agree that it's an edge, extroversion should no.... read more

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Life Hack: How To Use QR Codes As A Low-Cost, Effective Marketing Tool

You’ve seen them in grocery stores, on movie posters, on packages you’ve received in the mail. Those tiny squares of black and white digital hieroglyphics are everywhere. They’re called QR Codes (the .... read more

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