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The Importance of writing a Press Release

The importance of a press release

Writing a press release is a great marketing strategy that will keep your current clients happy and feeling important, and will potentially get you more leads. A press release today is a lot like a newsletter, some businesses choose to release one every month, while others decide to do it by annually or once every quarter. It is up to you to decide how often you'll publish your press release based on your business model and what your service or product is. See the following list to get an idea of how your business can create a successful press release:

1. Present the public your new item. Whether this is a service or a product, you should let your customers know of the new additions. Use photos and graphics that will show your the new product like the new shiny object that it is.

2. Be consistent with your branding. Remember to use mention your brand, show your logo, and keep your colors consistently throughout the entire document.

3. Share the news. Did your company go public? Did you change executives? Did you move locations? Use a press release as the company's newspaper. Let your clients know what's been going on behind the scenes.

4. Show where you've been. Don't forget to show where your business has been or what it's done. Does your team volunteer every month? Was your CEO interviewed by the local radio station? Show the pictures to prove it, and provide any kind of information that will tell your clients about the experience and how that helped your company in any way

5. Make it available online. And share it on every social media platform, use hashtags and become a trend fast by tagging important brands in your field.

Is your business publishing a press release? What do you make sure to add every time?

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Customer Service: Dealing with Reviews

dealing with reviews_lunasoft blog

The fact is, you can't please everyone. It doesn't matter how much you train your customer service team, you may get good results, however, you'll still have that percentage of customers who, for some reason, aren't happy with your business, or a even with a specific employee!

So while you can have amazing, loyal customers, you'll also have customers who are against you, even if the initial problem was a personal issue with a certain employee. So what do you do when you see a review on a website about your business?

Here are a few good practices to answer good and bad reviews:

We all love to receive good reviews, but sadly, most businesses don't answer to those good comments, it seems that they just sit back and smile. A good practice is to publicly answer to those comments; a brief thank-you comment to the reviewer and an open invitation to those who read the thread. "Make simple, but significant."

You can say something like "Natalie, thanks for the review! We're glad you loved the store and our services, we hope you see you around again soon!." With a simple, heartwarming comment you let others know your business really cares about your customers and your reputation, oh, and that you're a human, too!

If you're feeling extra charitable, (or actually need the extra love from your customers) you can always send a private message to your reviewer (depending on the site you may or may not be able to send messages to those who review your business, but you can always contact them elsewhere,) and offer a little something. "Hey, thanks for the positive review again. We just thought you'd like to try a different burger next time, so, here's a code for $3 off!" The love and loyalty you'll get from this customer is invaluable, not to mention the new customers you'll get thanks to this person and the power of the word of mouth! PS. Make sure your gifts are offered after the review is made, otherwise it can be seen as bribing.

On the other hand, no one likes to see a negative review on their business. Whether the review is a general complaint or a personal complaint (such as not liking a specific employee) you can't help but to think of your reputation and how you can turn those words around so they don't damage your business. The best way to deal with bad reviewers is, first, breathe in deeply, because you shouldn't act on your impulses. Second, study the situation carefully and remember that the customer "is always right." See where your business went wrong, and how you can make it up to that person.

After you know those details, you should always respond publicly to the reviewer, (remember that others are always watching your interactions online, and some really like to see how you deal with those less-than-grateful customers) begin by addressing their concerns, apologizing for letting the mistake happen, and finally offering an explanation of how this won't happen again. Most businesses also opt for offering to make amends and inviting the customer to give your business a second chance. You can also do this privately, by messaging your angry customer an apology note, and a coupon/code to help them decide whether they should give you a second chance or not.

If the complaints are false, or if the customer is actually wrong, then respond to their review in the most diplomatic way possible, always offer an apology, but if you know for a fact that you're right, then you should also provide a quote or extract from your policy & regulations or FAQ, to back your business.

What other practices have you found to be useful when dealing with good and bad reviews?


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Grow your Business by Following These Simple Tips

Why do customers leave your business? That's a question all small business owners have ask themselves at some point, if not every day.

Here are some tips on things we've learned as a SaaS vendor that will help you stay in business, learn about customer acquisition and other insights on how to keep your quality customers happy.

Grow Your Business By Following These Simple Steps


#1 Qualify Your Client

Right when you meet a prospect client you should be looking for red flags. Who is the customer and what does he/she need from me? At first, your sales team thinks everyone is a prospect client, which is partly true, but by doing so, and not qualifying the client right at the beginning (by asking powerful questions about their business, what they do, what their budget is, etc.), they might be burning their energies trying to get someone onboard who doesn't really need your services, and odds are, they'll end up leaving you to go with someone who can really provide the service they need. So qualify your prospect early in the conversation, that way you're sure to use your energy on a quality client.

#2 Qualify Your Business

As a SaaS vendor, you know where you want to be in the future, and you work hard to achieve those goals. Telling your new and existing clients about the plans for the future is a great idea, however, there's a chance that some of them won't last to see them, if you have a history of not keeping your word. Win your customer's trust by setting short-term goals for the company and accomplishing those goals in time. (Bonus: You can use this experience to get new clients; "Last month we reached our monthly goals by the third week!") If you fail to keep your word, then, your credibility starts to disappear, and your reputation is damaged. So learn to set realistic expectations for your business and meet those expectations on time, that alone will give you better ratings among your clients and prospects.

#3 Value is Over the Price Tag

Offer a service/good that will provide such an immense value to your customer that price won't be an issue. Prospect clients will always complain about your prices, until they see how your service (or good) will benefit them immediately, and in the long-run. Always settling for the kind of customer who is constantly trying to get things for free, or with a discount, isn't bad; but be careful, because it might be easier to find a brand new client than to keep these guys happy.

Focus on what you offer, how you're unique and how you can help them achieve their goals within their timeframe. That information will teach them who you are and that their focus shouldn't be on the cost of your service, but on the finish line, together with all their goals achieved and expectations met. If you have success stories, then tell them; if you have examples of your work and how it helped a certain individual, then show them.

#4 Work on Keeping the Good Ones

Growing your business isn't just getting new people to sign up, a big part of growth, is when you're actually able to keep your existing clients.

Every customer will show some kind of sign that he or she wants to cancel your service, know what those possible signs are and teach your sales team to hit those spots when they meet with them for tuneups, or even answering their questions on a normal day. According to Marketing Metrics, it's 60-70% probable that an existing client will keep buying from you, while trying to sell to a new prospect can be as low as 5% probable.

Learn to keep your existing customers, so first, they don't leave, and second, they refer you to their friends.



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Not Hide but Seek in Today's Cyber-Centered Marketplace

Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 11.31.27 AM.pngIn our day and age, there is no longer any hiding from the consumer because of intense scrutiny the internet has over the marketplace. Don't worry its not like the internet is alive and watching you, but the consumer is watching you and the internet has given them a voice to speak out and review their experience. The marketplace is no longer quiet, but booming with loud voices coming from every direction. The consumer has never had such incredible power to wield to and fro from one business to the next. This can put some major stress on your business because there is no hiding. Everything is on view, and everyone will soon know about the mistakes made and short comings. But, there wills always be a brighter side to the internet. This constant scrutiny from the consumer can also check and balance your business by remaining honest and high in quality. 

Take advantage of the consumers loud voice and take it for all that its worth! You don't have to run home with your tail between your legs, because they are just as likely to write a good review than a bad review. Embrace this change in our marketplace and use it to boost your credibility in the consumers mind. You will only hurt your business if you try to remain in the shadows. I personally feel better purchasing from a company that has a mix of bad and good reviews than from a company that has no reviews at all. But if you are only getting bad reviews, then there should be some mending in your future.

Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 11.31.52 AM.pngThe consumer is looking for good customer service and a product to match that service offered by your company. They are so intent on finding the perfect match that they will write about it and tell all their friends about it. Word of mouth is always the best kind of advertising, and now this concept is expanded online instead of being confined to small groups. This is a good thing! Yes it's a little frightening to think of how much power they have, but it shouldn't scare you away from all the opportunities it offers! Look at it as free advertising if you must, because that's the truth.  

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Download on 4 Valuable Sales Skills

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 10.34.47 AM.pngSales are fun! And so incredibly important to your business, regardless of what you do. Sales to your business is like your IV, without it, you may shrivel up and die. Joke, but really your sales force is your lifeline that will keep you afloat out there in this tough business world. Which is why it is so important that you download on all of the best sales skills and them into your own strategies.

I compiled a list of 4 Basic Sales Skills that could be implemented into any industry sales force.

1. LISTEN TO THE CLIENT. The most important skill to close the most sales is just to simply listen! Ask them questions, learn about their needs and what specifically they are looking for. This makes them feel like an individual and less like another lead for you to check off. Listening to the client will make them feel like their business is important to you. Be sure to follow up with relevant questions to prove that you listened to them, and understand what they need. 

2. SELL THE PRODUCT, NOT THE PITCH. Too many salespersons get lost in their sales pitch and forget the main reason why they are selling. You are selling a product and its this product will be the outcome for the client. The product is also what sets you a part from all the other business with similar product. Sell what is unique about the product instead of focusing on a fancy sales process. The outcome for the client is the product, but the outcome for your business is the client. Keep the outcome in mind for both yourself and what the client is looking for. 

3. STAY REAL. There is not a single person who will buy from you, if you don't stay real and upfront with the Client. Part of staying real is remaining Honest. Do not ever lie to a potential client. its never a good idea and it could come back to haunt you. If you don't know the answer to something, don't make something up but say that you don't know but will find out. 

4. NETWORK. You never know who will be important to you business, which is why its an important to value every person that you come across. Those who don't look like much on the surface could later turn into your most valuable client. Also, never write off a person who has turned you down, or wasn't all that interested at the time, because they could later come back because you made an impression on them and they returned for your business over another. 

Although basic, these 4 skills could be the cornerstone to your sales force that you can build off of when putting together your business strategies. They could really help you stand out from your competitors in the marketplace. 

If you have any comments or tips on how you have used these skills in your business, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Have Multiple Retail Store Locations? AdWords has a Solution

New Adwords Location ExtensionsLast month, we were talking about some of the new AdWords display ad formats.  Today, Search Engine Land reported that location extensions just got an update that will favor businesses with multiple retail locations.  When users search a query that prompts the advertisement of an advertiser with multiple locations, the system will serve up an ad that includes the three closest locations to the user, assuming the advertiser has location extensions in place.

Single location store owners will not be able to capitalize on the update; however, businesses with three locations can now have ads that are double the size of a traditional search network AdWords ad.  That's a lot of real estate for an advertisement that only charges per click.  The advertisements include your distance from each of the three locations, and users can quickly get direction or call a select location with the touch of a button.

We highly recommend this new extension for any business with multiple locations.  The logic is simple: The new location extension allows advertisers to create larger than normal ads; and, if the advertisement is larger, it will stand out better when it gets served up.  This isn't exciting for single location retail stores; but, if that's what you are, then there are several other extensions that you can use to enhance your AdWords ads too.

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3 Small Business Pain Points That Can Already Be Solved With Software

Every business has pain points.  Some have them worse than others; but, as the SaaS (software as a service) industry has picked up, there are now several easy solutions for business pain points that most people are unaware of.  Here are three solutions that you can take advantage of today:

  1. Social Media Solutions for Pain PointsSocial Media Suite:  It's 2014 and social media is everywhere.  You already know that you need a Facebook page, a Twitter page, Google+, LinkedIn and several other platforms that you've never heard of.  But, logging into each platform separately and posting to each platform one by one is monotonous and a waste of time.  With social media software, you can now post to every platform from one place.  That one place also has reporting, and it automatically posts new blog posts to all of your platforms.  Social media is necessary in the workplace; but, with quality software, it's also easy.
  2. Form Builder and Landing Page Generator:  Anyone with experience using WordPress, Joomla, or the like, knows that creating new web pages is easy.  But, did you know that you can easily turn those pages into lead capturing machines?  Adding a custom contact form, a survey, or a payment form couldn't be easier.  With three clicks of the mouse, you can add a form to your website that collects contact information, or processes Visa and Mastercard.  Adding new pages and gaining additional website traffic is great and all, but increasing your opportunity to convert is priceless.
  3. User Employee Management Pain Points SolvedEmployee/User Manager:  Not only can you store passwords online in your website, but you can limit access to those who need it.  If you are forced with the task of firing an employee, remove their access before breaking the bad news.  If you're hiring someone new, then limit their access to what they need and give them new access as necessary.  The days of being foiled by an old employee are long gone, and the days of easy user management are here.  The system can even track employee performance, so you know who did what and when they did it.

Above are three pain points that can be solved today.  In addition to them, we have dozens of software modules that are ready to solve your pain points with the click of a button.  Don't let your pain get in the way of growing your business.  Let your tools do what you don't want to do, so you can focus on what you need to do.

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Do I Need Those Expensive Software Tools For My Website?

Business Before Internet Marketing Software Tools The short answer is no, but the long answer is YES. 

People have been doing business for many centuries without the internet, and it's not impossible to continue the age old methodology of solving a pain point in society and using word of mouth to build a profitable business.  It can still be done, but it has become extremely difficult.

About ten years ago, there was a buzz surrounding the idea that every business needed a website, but they were very expensive.  Years have passed, and most businesses now have a website.  However, by comparison, very few companies have effective websites that are contributing to their revenue.  Some businesses have purchased cheap websites that don't rank.  Other businesses have bought beautiful effective websites, but then they don't spend the money necessary to get the websites ranked.  Meanwhile, there are business owners that try to do online marketing themselves, or they assign it to an entry level employee or a family member. 

Luna Software Tools for Online MarketingAt the moment, there are two effective ways to generate revenue from your website.  You can hire an online marketing firm, and pay them thousands of dollars per month.  Over time, your website will begin to pick up good rankings, but the investment will be a small setback for most small businesses.  Even still, there are many firms that are incapable of doing a quality job and the investment might not even pan out. 

The second way to do it is by buying and using those expensive software tools for your website.  They cost hundreds per month, as opposed to thousands, and they make it easier than ever to manage your website and maximize your online marketing capabilities.  Manage your contacts, your email newsletter, your social media efforts, and do quality SEO, all from the comfort of your software suite.  A very effective software platform gives an engaged employee the tools to perform the online marketing duties of a team of three marketers. 

So, in short, you don't need those expensive software tools for your website.  But, in long, you need them to survive long-term in the increasingly competitive digital business place.



Todd, Calvin. "Pike Place Public Market vegetable vendors, Seattle, May 19, 1917." Photo. University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections.


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Add Online Event Registration to my Website

Luna Event Registration ModuleFrustrated with organizing signups for your events? Disappointed with how much time it takes you to register a customer?  Don't you wish your customers could just find your website, sign up for the event, and then POOF, a clean attendance list is emailed to you after being automatically organized on the same software platform that manages your website?

Meet the Luna Event Registration Module, and say goodbye to your pain.  It's Clean, Simple, Easy, and can save you countless hours of frustration and hassle that are inevitably going to be a part of running any type of event.  The module is commonly used by concert halls, convention centers, corporate training, fine dining, and any other organization that would require online scheduling or reservations. 

Manage Event OnlineKey features include custom event forms with easy to use drag and drop fields.  Customize your fields by using drop downs, check boxes, or just text.  You could even create a custom label or upload a document to the form. 

Do you use social media to promote your events?  If you add online registration to your website, you will also have the ability to create and send social media posts to your active accounts.  Similarly, send out email notifications to your attendees without leaving the comfort of your software platform.  That includes automatic emails to new sign ups and custom emails with personal information.

Luna Social MediaDoes your event cost money?  The same event registration module allows you to accept payment before a user is able to register.  Transactions are all secure and funds are automatically posted to your bank account.  Lastly, manage your attendees like they are contacts in a contact management system.  Change their status or add details to the attendee's profile. 

Don't let your next event run you.  Turn on the Luna platform and make your event stress free.  What's causing your business pain?


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WordPress Alternative for Small Businesses

wordpress alternative lunasoftSince launching the LunaSoft platform, we've had dozens of clients come to us in hopes of getting off of the WordPress platform.  They knew that there had to be a WordPress alternative for small businesses; and, as soon as they saw the Luna platform, they knew their hunt for the right solution had come to an end.  For all of the amazing features WordPress has, it has an equal number of issues that make it the right platform for an amateur blogger and the wrong platform for a small business. 

It wasn't always this way, and we actually have the history to prove it.  Believe it or not, the Luna team used to built websites exclusively for WordPress.  It was the easiest of the open source platforms in terms of user-friendly functionality, and there are more plugins for WordPress than there are for every other platform combined.  The problem is that, one by one, many of our clients had their websites hacked and there wasn't anything we could do about it.  They would simply install a plug-in without checking it's source; and, two days later, the website had advertisements for Russian pharmaceuticals.  Even if our clients didn't download plugins, the fact that the platform is open-source means that anyone and everyone has access to the code, making it vulnerable for hacking attempts at any time. 

It was out of our control because our clients had needs for their website to accomplish, and we didn't have the tools necessary to accomplish said desired functionality.  Stories like those were the real inspiration for the creation of the Luna platform.  We have been listening to the needs of our clients for years; and, for every problem brought up by a client, we developed a solution.  After several years of developing solutions, we now have a WordPress alternative that can used by Businesses of all sizes to effectively edit, extend, and market their website.  When someone asked if they could post to social media from the platform, we didn't tell them, "No, we can't do that."  Instead, we built it and said, "Yes, our platform does just that." 

Almost any functionality you can get out of a WordPress site can now be replicated or made better by the Luna platform.  And, as a closed source platform being monitored like a hawk by our engineering team, security is sealed up.  As a small business, there is nothing worse than getting hacked.  So, why take the risk?  You need the tools, and we have the tools.  Ready to learn more?  Tell us what you need out of your website.  I bet our platform does just that.

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