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Microsoft's New Laptop: The Surface Book

Have you seen Microsoft's new laptop, the Surface Book? You'd be surprised at how no one had created a laptop as attractive as this one before. The design is sleek and futuristic. Although it's a po.... read more

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Have Multiple Retail Store Locations? AdWords has a Solution

Last month, we were talking about some of the new AdWords display ad formats.  Today, Search Engine Land reported that location extensions just got an update that will favor businesses with multi.... read more

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Judgement Day: Windows 7 Stop Date on Halloween

The days of Microsoft Windows 7 are extremely limited.  As was reported back in February, consumer PC sales with Windows 7 will cease to exist after Halloween 2014.  With Windows 7 off the m.... read more

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Study of Desktop Search Vs. Mobile Search Trends

A colleague of mine just sent me what looks like the most impressive click through rate (CTR) study we've seen to date.  The study, done by seoClarity, analyzed over two billion impressions and o.... read more

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New Domain Names Available For Sale

When the Domain Name System was first implemented, it was determined that ".com" was going to be the standard Top Level Domain (TLD) for all commercial web entities and properties.  As a result, .... read more

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Brick And Mortar High Tech Brick Store Fronts and Showrooms

In February of this year, the LunaSoft showroom was opened to the surprise of many Salt Lake and Utah residents.  The store itself is capable of selling websites out of the box, and Luna is proud.... read more

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