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Do I Need Those Expensive Software Tools For My Website?

Business Before Internet Marketing Software Tools The short answer is no, but the long answer is YES. 

People have been doing business for many centuries without the internet, and it's not impossible to continue the age old methodology of solving a pain point in society and using word of mouth to build a profitable business.  It can still be done, but it has become extremely difficult.

About ten years ago, there was a buzz surrounding the idea that every business needed a website, but they were very expensive.  Years have passed, and most businesses now have a website.  However, by comparison, very few companies have effective websites that are contributing to their revenue.  Some businesses have purchased cheap websites that don't rank.  Other businesses have bought beautiful effective websites, but then they don't spend the money necessary to get the websites ranked.  Meanwhile, there are business owners that try to do online marketing themselves, or they assign it to an entry level employee or a family member. 

Luna Software Tools for Online MarketingAt the moment, there are two effective ways to generate revenue from your website.  You can hire an online marketing firm, and pay them thousands of dollars per month.  Over time, your website will begin to pick up good rankings, but the investment will be a small setback for most small businesses.  Even still, there are many firms that are incapable of doing a quality job and the investment might not even pan out. 

The second way to do it is by buying and using those expensive software tools for your website.  They cost hundreds per month, as opposed to thousands, and they make it easier than ever to manage your website and maximize your online marketing capabilities.  Manage your contacts, your email newsletter, your social media efforts, and do quality SEO, all from the comfort of your software suite.  A very effective software platform gives an engaged employee the tools to perform the online marketing duties of a team of three marketers. 

So, in short, you don't need those expensive software tools for your website.  But, in long, you need them to survive long-term in the increasingly competitive digital business place.



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