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First World Apocalypse 2014: Gmail Problems, Trading In and the Unconditional Support of Justin Beib

Google caused First World Problems to reach epic proportions back in January when users determined their service was interrupted. Before there was a full on meltdown, users took to Twitter to confirm the problem.

Is GMail having problems or is it just me?


Normally, it would be a 'user' issue, but it turns out GMail was down for real.

But there's always a backup plan, right?

Gmail Contingency Plan

Well... in this case, not so much... Whoops.

Things deteriorated even further when one user provided insight in to Google's involvement: they'd been master mining an apocalypse. Naturally, locasts and Justin Beiber received starring roles.

Apocalyptic proof:


And then there was #TradingInAndUp.

(It didn't actually do anything wrong... It was just an innocent promoted #hashtag caught in the crossfire.)


After a harrowing 50-ish minutes...

Google restored service and all was well, right? Well, not really. Post-apocalyptic fear quickly became anger.


Jabs at GooglePlus were free of charge.




Just when all hope was lost, common sense prevailed and saved the day.


The moral of the story?

Although Gmail, Trading In and Up, and supporting Justin Beiber really shouldn't go together under any (okay, most...) circumstances, social media will often surprise you.

If you're trying to establish your business or brand as part of an online social community, you need to be a part of the community. 24-7 shameless self-promotion is boring. By keeping an eye on trending topics, getting involved in the conversations, and providing helpful information goes a long way. The last rule of social? Always, always, always, consider the concequences of your actions... especially if you're serious about (always) supporting Justin Beiber.