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GooglePlus Surprises: 4 Common Google+ Myths Demystified


Raise your hand if discussions about Google+ make you say, 'Oh no… Not another social network!' You're not alone, however, you can't afford to ignore Google+. With many myths floating around, we've taken the time to clear up a few of the most prevalent.

1. GooglePlus is just one more social network.

Truth: No one denies social is a strong element on Google+. What many choose to over look is the change in digital communications. GooglePlus is your all-access pass to YouTube, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleDocs, Gmail, GoogleWallet, and —actually, let's step back and simplify.

If you use Google in any way, shape or form, GooglePlus is the equivalent of having 'one login for (almost) everything'… so long as that 'everything' involves Google products.

2. GooglePlus only benefits large businesses.

Truth: Google is the internet's go-to search engine, which is why it's no surprise that their search algorithm places a higher value on content originating in GoglePlus. You've gotten plenty of advice about producing unique content, so there's no need to be a broken record. Bottom line: encouraging your circles to +1 and share your content can aid in search engine rank.

This goes for everyone, not just large corporations.

3. GooglePlus (and its communities) only attract computer nerds and Silicon Valley techies.

Truth: You can find an online community for virtually any interest, and GooglePlus is no exception. Use it to connect with influencers, vendors, and anyone who may be an asset to your business or brand.

4. So... Google+ is ultimately another version of FaceBook's 'Groups'?

Truth: If you've logged in to FaceBook recently, it's safe to say you've been inundated with photos and posts about babies and cats. GooglePlus allows businesses to create communities, both public and private. Private communities are not shown in search results, ensuring that private communities stay just that: private.

Bottom line? You need GooglePlus and here's why: your search engine rank will suffer compared to businesses that do. In the words of Google's former CEO and co-founder, 'If you ignore GooglePlus, Google Search will ignore you.'

Say it with us: ouch!