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Have Multiple Retail Store Locations? AdWords has a Solution

New Adwords Location ExtensionsLast month, we were talking about some of the new AdWords display ad formats.  Today, Search Engine Land reported that location extensions just got an update that will favor businesses with multiple retail locations.  When users search a query that prompts the advertisement of an advertiser with multiple locations, the system will serve up an ad that includes the three closest locations to the user, assuming the advertiser has location extensions in place.

Single location store owners will not be able to capitalize on the update; however, businesses with three locations can now have ads that are double the size of a traditional search network AdWords ad.  That's a lot of real estate for an advertisement that only charges per click.  The advertisements include your distance from each of the three locations, and users can quickly get direction or call a select location with the touch of a button.

We highly recommend this new extension for any business with multiple locations.  The logic is simple: The new location extension allows advertisers to create larger than normal ads; and, if the advertisement is larger, it will stand out better when it gets served up.  This isn't exciting for single location retail stores; but, if that's what you are, then there are several other extensions that you can use to enhance your AdWords ads too.