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Judgement Day: Windows 7 Stop Date on Halloween

Windows 7 No Longer SupportedThe days of Microsoft Windows 7 are extremely limited.  As was reported back in February, consumer PC sales with Windows 7 will cease to exist after Halloween 2014.  With Windows 7 off the market, consumers in the market for a new laptop or desktop this holiday season will be forced to learn the new interface, known as Windows 8, or move on to another OS. 

This is a slight exaggeration, but this event ends a long era for Microsoft.  That era, which started with the highly popular Windows 95, will go down as changing the way that the common consumer used a personal computer.  It was revolutionary with it's start menu and easy file storage functionality, and it quickly took over households world-wide.

Windows 8, which has gone down as one of Microsoft's least popular releases, will become the standard for all PCs purchased this holiday season, and that could scare away a few would-be buyers.  Windows has also stated that mainstream support of Windows 7 will end on January, 13th 2015.  By giving the software an end of support, Microsoft is telling us that they'd like people to move forward onto the new platform and on with their lives. 

The end of sales, which will definitely catch the attention of the good folks at Apple, could drive more people toward buying macs this season.  We've heard multiple stories about people going to great lengths to avoid using Windows 8, including some folks installing Linux as a last resort.  There are a lot of people who feel standoffish against Apple; and, if those people move away from Windows, where will they go?  Is Linux preparing to surge through the market?  Probably not, but we can't rule out the possibility.

Which operating system do you have installed, and why?