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New Domain Names Available For Sale

New Domain NameWhen the Domain Name System was first implemented, it was determined that ".com" was going to be the standard Top Level Domain (TLD) for all commercial web entities and properties.  As a result, the world has come to assume that will take them to the website for "Anything." If .com were to be the wrong TLD, people would follow up by trying .net or .org and they would likely find the desired website.  Several years ago, that methodology for finding a domain name would have worked like a charm; however, today, that same process could still leave someone lost in the world wide web.  

This year, we have seen a rise in the number of websites ending in short, meaningful TLDs like ".me" ".co" ".biz" and ".us" but those have been available for quite some time. As CNET reported, he new wave of TLDs has just started and it's not going to end anytime soon.  Many of the new TLDs, called GTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains), are made specifically for particular industries or locations, for example .dentist or .london.  A dentist practicing in London could now register ""or ""  Of course, the dentist is not limited to these options, but you get the idea.  A whole new variety of domains are available, but will they get used?

Well, let's continue to use the dentist as an example.  The typical dental website now reads something like; so, would you get confused if you saw instead? would you even recognize that as a domain name if you saw it on an advertisement or branded material?  At the moment, we just don't know how different people would engage with the advertisement if it promoted a website ending in .dentist.  Many of the other GTLDs are just plain wacky and range from ".ninja" to ".sexy" and they include everything in between.  If you think about it, domain names have been running thin for years; and, as a result they've gotten longer.

With over a billion websites online right now, it does seem like a matter of time before any desired name with a .com ending is taken.  That is precisely why websites with the .com TLD are getting so long.  Until the masses of online consumers are aware of the new GTLDs, most businesses will opt for a longer .com than have to use a short name ending in .london.  But, when will that be?  We're waiting on the innovators to use the new GTLDs to their advantage, and we're sure there will be a few that do it well.  Do you know someone who's utilizing the new set of available domain names?  Leave a comment or let us know on Social Media.