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Now You Can Shop on Pinterest

On June 30th, Pinterest made it able to all its users to buy certain items on their pin boards; these "buyable pins" were differentiated by a blue "buy it" button.

Pinterest launched as the first "online pin board" and planning tool in 2010, and users from all over the word began to use it exactly in the ways the founders had hoped. Pins vary from recipes, to DIY projects, to arts & technology, to destinations around the globe, and much more.

By now, you can find around 60 million buyable pins (differentiated by a clear "Buy it" sign,) with some big-name brands participating in the project such as Wayfair and Bloomingdale’s. Even though Pinterest is known for being the place where you can get inspiration to either find new interesting products from popular stores around you, or create your own, their ability to provide a more complete experience to its customers will change how we see and interact with the platform.




Some of the perks of this new feature is that, first, as a customer, you know exactly which pins you could potentially buy by looking at the signs, and you can also see other detailed information about the item, such as color and/or sizes, and second, you don't have to do research to actually find those products elsewhere (Amazon, Ebay, or specific brands) so as a customers you will see that the work that's involved in buying a certain product has just become much, much easier. At the same time, you don't have to worry about seeing more "buyable pins" than the typical pins you usually like to find for inspiration, because those pins are still more than those you can buy.

What are your thoughts about buyable pins? Or, how do you think this will affect the future of Pinterest?