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Learn Something New Every Day

Learn Something New Every Day

Here's a list of our favorite *free* apps that will teach you something today!

1. Daily Art free

Daily Art will show you an artwork a day and will teach you something about it. #GeneralKnowledge

2. Duolingo free

Learn a language (slowly but surely) by learning the most common words and useful phrases. You can also choose from a list of languages! #Bilingual

3. Wolfram Alpha free

This is the best encyclopedia-like app. And unlike our best friend Wikipedia, Wolphram Alpha gives you the right answers 100% of the time. #GeekOut

4. free

Most commonly used as a spell-checker, can also teach you a new word if you see their "Word of the Day". #Literate

5. Dollar Origami (Lite) free

I never carry cash with me, but when I do... I'll know how make an amazing origami frog with a dollar bills. #WowFactor


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