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SalesForce Alternative: CRM for Business

salesforce alternativeSalesForce has positioned themselves perfectly in the market by creating customizable sales tools that make it easier to manage a sales force.  Get it?  Over the years, they have become the industry leader with their CRM tool by developing new features faster than the competition could develop to catch up.  Now, with over 100,000 monthly subscribers, customer retention is probably on the mind of every executive over there.  The truth is that many software platforms have caught up to the once untouchable giant.  Additionally, some of these competing platforms have developed features not yet replicated by the SalesForce team, and they can be of great service to those in need of CRM extensions.  Lastly, the competition has lower monthly costs; which, at a company of any size, will start piling up quickly as months turn into years.  Thus, many organizations have turned their disappointment and monthly invoices into an opportunity to see what else is out there.

When looking for a SalesForce alternative for business, the biggest factor has to be a user-friendly interface.  If a tool is tough to use, then no one will use it.  As soon as a new user stumbles through a software interface, they are already looking for something easier to use.  In addition to being user-friendly, the alternative needs to have at least all of the necessary features.  For example, if a CRM did not have the ability to record a new contact, then it wouldn't be much of a CRM.  A good CRM will have a complete address book for contacts, another one for companies, and the ability for global interoffice communication (i.e. the guy down the hall is out sick and we need to know the last thing he said to client X).  It should also have:

  • cloud based 24-7 accessibility
  • admin controlled access
  • contact management
  • reporting
  • sales funnel
  • project management
  • team task manager
  • work order platform with digital signature

In an ideal CRM, there is a lot more than that.  But, once you've got your checklist taken care of, then you can move on to checking functionality to identify whether or not it's a fit for your business.  Make sure the software has a support team ready to help you because every software platform has a few difficult features.  Now, you've got a company with a support staff, all the necessary functionality, and a fair price, is there anything else you should look into before buying?  YES!  The last thing you need is to make sure the software integrates with all of the other software that you use.  In most cases, we are exclusively referring to QuickBooks.  Life is just so much easier when you can associate unpaid balances with the people who owe you money.  More importantly, it makes it easier to manage, track, and collect the unpaid balances, and every for-profit business is in the business of making money.  That's why you started researching a CRM in the first place.  So, having heard all of that, are you ready to research a CRM?  If so, I can vouch for the Luna platform.  They surely have everything listed above, and oh so much more.  Feel free to research around.  We know that after researching everything out there, you will come back to the best CRM tool on the market.