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Study of Desktop Search Vs. Mobile Search Trends

A colleague of mine just sent me what looks like the most impressive click through rate (CTR) study we've seen to date.  The study, done by seoClarity, analyzed over two billion impressions and over 200 million clicks, all over a 90 day period, using data from Google Webmaster Tools.  The purpose of the study was to better understand click trends of users on a mobile device vs. those who used a desktop.  The desktop results weren't particularly exciting as you can see below:

Desktop Search Trends

As you can see, there is a clear cut gradual decrease that probably looks the way you'd expect it to look.  The only oddity of this graph is the slight increase from spot nine to spot ten. But, the difference is only .2%, not a major difference, and possibly due the fact that the 10th result is always still visible when a user gets to the bottom of their screen.  On the contrary, take a look at the mobile statistics, which include two dramatic differences:

Mobile Search Trends Click Study

The first shocking statistic is the percentage of clicks that go to the first position!  Almost 28% of mobile users click on the first result, while less than 20% of users click on the first result within using a desktop.  We knew that mobile phones favored the first result, but who would've known that the difference would be so drastic.  Secondly, did you notice that, on the mobile chart, the 4th result receives a 2.8% higher CTR than the third result?  Very Interesting stuff.  Nonetheless, the study truly reveals the importance of attaining that first result, especially when dealing with mobile. 

For more information or to download the study, see the report here.