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The Joy of PicJoy!

This is a joyous day to give thanks for this constantly growing world of technology because we are saying hello to a new innovative and must have app called PicJoy. The whole idea behind this app was to create a way to easily search through all your mobile photos taken on your phone camera by organizing them into categories by assigning tags. If you are anything like me, you have a million photos on your phone and its impossible to really organize them. I know I am not alone because the average adult has over 2,000 photos on their mobile phone. Yes that's right, over 2,000 photos per adult. It's so easy to take photos these days because they are installed on all of our phones. Who doesn't have a phone without a camera these days? Think real hard... but the answer should be, um everyone has a camera phone. Even if its an old school flip phone, it still has a camera. Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.23.50 PM.png

So on average, each of us American adults have 2,000 photos on our phones but do we even have the time to scroll through all of those? This is where great innovations like PicJoy come in handy. This app takes all of the photos you have taken over the years with your phone and uses tags and photo data to organize the photos. Users can search using different tags such as date, time, and even location. Yes I know it sounds amazing and it calms the OCD portion of your brain by offering an organized solution to all your photo qualms. 

The app launched in the App Store in June and had 30,000 downloads within the first 72 hours. The app was featured on the App store in several countries, and even Apple promoted the app on Twitter. The world is filled with joy over the possibilities the app offers. Other picture storing companies have tried to accomplish this same feat like Google and Flickr, but none have been as successful as PicJoy in organizing users photos in a way its easy to use. 

Better believe it that PicJoy is here to stay. I know I am going to open the App Store on my phone now to get my own download.