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Your Sales Team Knows What You Should Blog About

What should i blog about for businessYou want more leads, and your audience wants to buy, so what do you do?  An advertising campaign could work, but what if it doesn't?.  Then, you've spent money and you have nothing to show for it.  For a small business, those dollars are crucial. They can't afford to waste a cent because tomorrow is never guaranteed.  So, seriously, what to do?

In an effort to increase conversions and save time, many small businesses have turned to marketing automation.  The tools give companies the opportunity to close deals while spending less time per lead.  Outside of paying the setup fees, and the much smaller monthly fees, the only thing that would halt a marketing automation campaign in it's tracks is bad (or no) content.  The key is creating content that is engaging, likeable, sharable, interesting and informative.  Additionally, the most crucial part of it is creating content that addresses the pain points of your audience.

Most online marketing specialists are great writers, but they don't know your audiences' pain points like your sales team does.  All day long, sales hears pain points, and they attempt to heal the pain by selling a product or service.  If your sales team knows how your products solve pain points, then they know what your audience wants to hear.  If your company sells home inspections, then your sales team probably knows what turns your audience into your clientele.  If they don't, then you're probably already out of business.

So, ask your sales team what kind of pain points they hear on a day-to-day business.  If they say, "we closed two deals last week because we offered a free mold test with our inspection," then it could be mold inspections that would make the difference for a potential buyer.  If you wrote a blog post about how mold can damage a house, and you mention that you do free mold tests, that content could generate fruitful leads.  You could take it a step further by doing some keyword research to identify exactly what your audience is typing into their search engines.  Now you know that mold tests is a buzzword, and your audience is searching for "home inspections with mold testing."

Write the blog post, and make the title: "Home Inspections with Mold Testing." In the post, you explain the pain point, you explain how you're going to solve it, and then you can mention that you offer a free test with any inspection.  Post the blog and watch your audience engage with the content before they call you.  Then, get with your next sales person.  What pain points have they recently solved?  His or her answer is your next blog post.  Then do it again.  Make sense?


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