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Microsoft's New Laptop: The Surface Book

Have you seen Microsoft's new laptop, the Surface Book? You'd be surprised at how no one had created a laptop as attractive as this one before. The design is sleek and futuristic. Although it's a po.... read more

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Now You Can Shop on Pinterest

On June 30th, Pinterest made it able to all its users to buy certain items on their pin boards; these "buyable pins" were differentiated by a blue "buy it" button. Pinterest launched as the first "on.... read more

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'Soon' App Will Help You Do Those Fun Things You Keep Forgetting About

Soon is an app that will help you remember the things you need to do, and even help you discover some cool stuff to do, like what TV shows you should watch, movies, new books, music, places around you.... read more

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The Joy of PicJoy!

This is a joyous day to give thanks for this constantly growing world of technology because we are saying hello to a new innovative and must have app called PicJoy. The whole idea behind this app was .... read more

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Fee Fie Fo Fum... The Facebook Giant

Facebook is ginormous, there is no doubt about that which is why it is so important to your business. But the question is, what kind of content should you be sharing on Facebook?  This is a qu.... read more

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Assigning Pages Functionality: A CMS That Makes Sense

For a lot people, the thought of managing a website can be a little overwhelming. Most people who need websites would certainly love nothing more than to point and click and have the content they type.... read more

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Not Hide but Seek in Today's Cyber-Centered Marketplace

In our day and age, there is no longer any hiding from the consumer because of intense scrutiny the internet has over the marketplace. Don't worry its not like the internet is alive and watching you, .... read more

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Download on 4 Valuable Sales Skills

Sales are fun! And so incredibly important to your business, regardless of what you do. Sales to your business is like your IV, without it, you may shrivel up and die. Joke, but really your sales forc.... read more

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Have Multiple Retail Store Locations? AdWords has a Solution

Last month, we were talking about some of the new AdWords display ad formats.  Today, Search Engine Land reported that location extensions just got an update that will favor businesses with multi.... read more

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3 Small Business Pain Points That Can Already Be Solved With Software

Every business has pain points.  Some have them worse than others; but, as the SaaS (software as a service) industry has picked up, there are now several easy solutions for business pain points t.... read more

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