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Judgement Day: Windows 7 Stop Date on Halloween

The days of Microsoft Windows 7 are extremely limited.  As was reported back in February, consumer PC sales with Windows 7 will cease to exist after Halloween 2014.  With Windows 7 off the m.... read more

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3 Tips to Make Your Website Convert More Often

Of course, there are dozens of ways by which you can increase the conversion rate of your website to increase revenue.  You could redesign your entire website and set up a series of A/B Tests, wh.... read more

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Transparency in the Workplace: Does It Work? It Worked For Whole Foods

This afternoon, a few team members were talking about transparency in the workplace, and how it could be integrated into our own office culture for the benefit of the company.  So, we wanted to t.... read more

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Why Buy Anything When You Can Rent?

Last week, we talked about changing consumer trends that could stem from the implementation of the Apple Pay System.  While we are patiently waiting for that evidence to accumulate, we turn our h.... read more

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Your Sales Team Knows What You Should Blog About

You want more leads, and your audience wants to buy, so what do you do?  An advertising campaign could work, but what if it doesn't?.  Then, you've spent money and you have nothing to show f.... read more

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Study of Desktop Search Vs. Mobile Search Trends

A colleague of mine just sent me what looks like the most impressive click through rate (CTR) study we've seen to date.  The study, done by seoClarity, analyzed over two billion impressions and o.... read more

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Do I Need Those Expensive Software Tools For My Website?

The short answer is no, but the long answer is YES.  People have been doing business for many centuries without the internet, and it's not impossible to continue the age old methodology of solvi.... read more

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Apple Pay and Mobile Wallets Could Change Consumer Tipping Behavior

With all of the hype surrounding the new apple pay system, we have been speculating about what will happen to tipping culture here in the United States.  Yahoo Tech pointed out that there are 31 .... read more

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Writing Content for Marketing Automation in 3 Tips

Marketing Automation isn't just a trend anymore; it helps businesses of all sizes effectively communicate with their audiences through a dynamic user tracking system.  When a user lands on your w.... read more

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Add Online Event Registration to my Website

Frustrated with organizing signups for your events? Disappointed with how much time it takes you to register a customer?  Don't you wish your customers could just find your website, sign up for t.... read more

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