a.k.a. The Ultimate Address Book

All the information that is critical to a business’ success is now easily managed under one roof. Part address book, part strategic planning guide, the LunaSoft CRM incorporates the key component of any thriving business: client relationships. Whether it’s sales, service or interoffice business, the CRM empowers you to understand potential customers and retain current ones through improved customer service.

If you strive to:

  • Increase profitability
  • Decrease the cost of customer management
  • Master global interoffice communication
  • Stop losing those important client notes

Investing in the LunaCRM is a non-negotiable first step.

Key features include:

Key features include:

Key features include:

Key Features Include:

The Ultimate Address Book For Individuals

  • In one easy place, all of an individual's information:
    • Name
    • Job title
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • Email address
    • Mailing address
    • Date of birth
    • Social media profile(s)
  • Upload a picture & put a face to a name
  • Attach files & documents to a specific contact

The Ultimate Address Book For Companies

  • In one easy place, important company information:
    • Company's primary contact
    • Company financial contact
    • Main company phone number
    • Company fax number
    • Company mailing address
  • View individual contacts assigned to the same company
  • Attach files & documents pertaining to all employees
  • Assign logo to appear on all member contact pages

Global Interoffice Communication

  • Track the type of connection made with a contact
  • Add personalized notes to individual contacts to ensure all office personnel have the necessary information
  • Schedule a next action for a contact
  • Assign contact to a specific employee

24-7 Accessibility

Managing contacts is made easy because information and contacts are saved on the web in real-time. This alleviates complicated spreadsheets and other methods that try unsuccessfully to manage company contacts in the office. 

Access your contacts from any mobile device with an internet connection. All content is safe and secure from each user’s unique login.

Administrator Controlled Access

  • Create default permissions for organizations
  • Create multiple users based on need
  • Assign different permissions to members of your company based on need-to-know

QuickbooksQuickBooks Integration

Quickly connect a CRM account with your QuickBooks customer to provide your administrators a high level overview of the account. Now your staff can make informed decisions concerning the customer's balance and recent account activity without toggling back and forth between QuickBooks and the CRM.

Contact Management

  • Contact photo
  • Search engine
    • Advanced filter search
    • Save searches for future reference
  • Web form API
    • Data inserted manually or from web forms
  • Ability to manage contacts
    • Track who created and edited contacts
    • Merge duplicate contacts
    • Add, view, edit and delete contacts
  • Communication log by user
    • Log search
    • Timestamp of all communication logs
  • Document manager by user
    • Ability to upload documents that pertain to contacts (resumes, proposals, pictures, etc.)
    • Automatic timestamp of upload
    • Track who uploaded documents

Account Management 

  • Assign contacts to appropriate accounts
  • Add, view, edit and delete accounts
  • Re-Assign
  • Private note – encrypted for authorized personnel
  • Search Engine
  • Account contact address


  • Leads by day, month, year or custom dates
  • Logs by user/account

Sales Funnel: Lead & Opportunity Management

  • Percentage probability
  • Proposal sent date
  • Expected close
  • Opportunity name
  • Assign to sales representative

Project Manager

  • Ability to transition opportunities automatically to projects
  • Notifications sent to key employees
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Due dates
  • Integrates with LunaSoft's To Do Manager

Team Task Manager With Individual Employee To-Do Lists

  • Global view of all users tasks for permitted administrators
  • Due dates
  • Drag and drop
  • Prioritize via custom color highlighting
  • Assign tasks to clients/vendors
  • Mark complete – automatically disappears for next day
  • View archived tasks

Work Order/Change Order Platform With Project Estimating System & Electronic Signature Capture

  • The work order system is an effective tool for managing work for team members in a queue
  • Track if work has been approved by a customer
  • Online digital signatures approve new work or estimates
  • Automatic notifications of when work orders are signed
  • Create quotes and estimates for future work
  • Automatic calculations based on service detail
  • Set quantities, units, service detail and description
  • Expanded description area for actual work
  • Set date to begin, estimated completion date and actual completion date
  • Set if work is completed and invoiced
  • Attach files to the work order
  • Set template verbiage for common contractual copy

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