Auto, Truck, & Car Dealership Software

The Luna Dealership and Auto Listing Software is an automated, SEO-friendly search engine geared specifically towards the automotive sales industry. The dealership software can be tailored to specific dealers allowing them to post their automobile inventory on a private website.

Dealers can quickly list new and used automobiles available for sale. LunaSoft’s robust auto listing software provides brilliant flexibility while accounting for the consistency - such as auto model, make and year - required when listing this type of information. Users can register, create a profile and manage their personal information, which is then displayed on the auto listing’s public search engine of your website. While in listing view, only the information you select will be visible to public visitors giving you flexibility in the auto listing and auto detail view. 

Key features include:

Best In Class: Extensive Auto Listing Flexibility

  • Administrator(s) can "feature" listing
    • Top Listing
    • Editor's Pick
    • Most Views
    • And more!
  • Moderation Privileges
    • Receive notification(s) that a new listing has been created & is awaiting approval
    • Limit which listings are made public from the administration area
    • Choose to moderate free listings, paid listings or both
  • Sort, filter and search profiles
  • Custom Field creation available
  • Create, edit and delete categories
    • Easily re-order automobile listings using "drag & drop" features
  • Publicly display information on a user’s listing
    • Opt to display additional information by enabling fields

Car or Truck Listing Details Include

  • User Commenting
  • Rating
  • Flag as inappropriate
  • YouTube embedded video
  • Google Maps based on address
  • Add to cars to favorites list
  • Show number of days car has been listed
  • Track number of times a car has been viewed

Vehicle Descriptions,
Images & Video

  • Automatic database of vehicle make, model and year
  • Create description of listed vehicles
  • Upload relevant files or documents
  • Upload pictures & embed videos via YouTube
  • Automatic thumbnail image slider (Optional)
  • Select a category from drop down menu
    • Assign multiple categories (Optional)

Comprehensive Car & Truck Search Engine

  • URL's use the listing's title not an ID number
  • Dynamic H1 (Heading) tags to optimize search engine results
  • Search Engine Compatible Auto Listings with automatic meta tags
  • Customize individual SEO meta tags
  • Search by keyword(s) as well as:
    • Car/truck make
    • Car/truck model
    • And more!
  • Pagination of search results

Buyers Area

  • Users registration via a simple online form
  • Add car or truck to favorites list
  • Easily edit and manage profile information, including:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Website
  • Message center
    • Emails from interested buyers
    • List messages sent & received

Lead Generation

  • Contact form by listing
  • When enabled, dealer receives email notification of interest in their auto listing
  • All leads are listed in administrator's vehicle listing area

Social Media Sharing

  • Share a listing via:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Email Share
    • Delicious
    • Add This
    • Digg
    • MySpace
    • StumbleUpon
    • And more!

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