The Go-To Searchable and SEO-Friendly Online Directory Software

Create an SEO-friendly, online directory to showcase listings, companies and organizations using LunaSoft's searchable directory software. Users can register, create a profile and manage their information. Listings will display in a public search engine on your website.

Key features include:

Promote Featured Directory Listings

  • Administrator(s) can mark link(s) as "featured"
  • "Featured" listing appear on home page
  • Tag featured listings by:
    • Top Link
    • Editors Pick
    • Most Views
    • And more!

Comprehensive & Searchable Online Database

  • Search by keyword
  • Category Filtering
  • Pagination of search results
  • Breadcrumbs for easy navigation

Easy-to-Use Administrative Tools

  • Approve registration before user's profile becomes public
  • Sort, filter and search profiles
  • Create, edit and manage multiple categories
  • Drag & drop to re-order categories

User-Friendly Registration & Profile Management

  • Users can register using a simple online form
  • Users can easily edit and manage their profile information, including:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Personalized Description
    • Upload a Logo and/or Photo
    • Assign a Category