Online eCheck / ACH Payment

Authorization & Acknowledgement

LunaSoft, LLC, through its affiliated payment processing entities (“Processors”), accepts online payments via ACH debit. An ACH debit is an electronic transfer that withdraws funds from a consumer’s bank account. With your authorization, LunaSoft will originate an ACH transfer from your bank account using its Processor(s) as its third party service provider. LunaSoft and its Processors are separate and unaffiliated legal entities. Before LunaSoft can originate ACH transfers from your bank account, you need to accept the following Authorization and Agreement by checking the “I AGREE” box below. By checking the “I AGREE” box below, I hereby authorize LunaSoft and its third-party service providers to collect and retrieve certain banking information for the limited purpose of executing ACH transfers for this payment that I make using the LunaSofts’s online payment system. That information includes my name, the name of my bank, the type of bank account that I desire to use (checking or savings), and the routing number and account number of my bank account. I understand that my banking information will not be shared with third parties except as reasonably necessary to complete my online payments, or as otherwise required by law or the rules governing ACH transactions. This authorization will direct LunaSoft to originate an ACH transfer for that payment from the bank account I designate. In addition, I agree that Luna may originate additional ACH debits or credits as necessary to correct any errors, and I further agree that I will not authorize any transactions that are prohibited by law. LunaSoft may begin processing a payment as soon as I submit it. I understand that the online payment system will automatically withdraw a payment. I also understand that once a payment is submitted to my bank, I will be unable to cancel or edit it through the online payment system. However, it may be possible to stop a payment after it has been submitted by timely contacting my own bank before the transaction settles. This Authorization and Agreement is in effect as soon as I submit this online form.

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