Share ideas. Give Advice. Find Solutions. 

Share ideas, give advice, discuss opinions and do it all from the LunaForum. Unlike a blog, a forum or message board does not have to be initiated by the owner of the website. Often, visitors will post a question they need an answer to and other members of the forum will chime in with their advice, opinions or information and links relevant to the topic. Site managers can create sections or categories where only topics related to that category are posted and multiple new threads can be created. Forums can be moderated by the users themselves, by the site administrator or not at all. LunaForums is one more way, your customers will be able to find solutions.

Key features include:

Secure User Authentication

  • Users can edit profile
  • Upload avatar (image)
  • Create posts
  • Create topics


Administrator capabilities

  • Create forum categories and threads
  • View, edit or delete users
  • Moderate forum posts
  • Manage users
    • Give permissions for users to:
      • Moderate
      • Post topics

Images and Editing

  • Upload images to posts
  • Embed video from YouTube, Vimeo, etc

Complete Forum Control

  • View forum member profiles
  • Hide member profiles or categories
  • Count of posts made by individual members
  • List view of threads and topics by forum category
  • Private posts
    • Members reply to posts
    • Not available to public