Geo Location or Geo Detection Software

With Geo Location and Geo Detection software you can automatically detect where your visitors are coming from in order to deliver content specific to your audience.

For example - if a visitor arrives from a certain city - you could Geo Detect their location to display the current weather or temperature for their area.

Another great use of geo detection is with marketing.  For example you can help your visitors feel more assured they are in the right place by delivering a key word specific to their location. If they were searching for a plumber and you were a plumbing company - you could show a phrase like "Welcome to Seattle Plumbing Services" where Seattle would be filled in automatically based on the city the user is in being Seattle at the time.

Often you can detect a visitors country and display content in their language to accomplish multi-lingual or translation capabilities with geo detection.

Welcome to our visitors from Ashburn, US

Your ip is:
Your lat/lon is: 39.0437, -77.4875
Your city is: Ashburn
Your country is: US
Your state/region is: Virginia

Your Location