Google Maps and LunaSoft

Google Maps Integration

Luna CMS Platform integrates with several 3rd party applications and services like Google Maps.

Luna Google Maps Integration

Websites often need the ability to view locations from a spreadsheet or database on a viewable Google Map interface.  Luna's Listing Manager Software solves this problem with Google Maps Integration.  Listings within the software automatically appear based on the geographical location and search criteria.  The default view of the map is determined by the site administrator's geo location.

Custom icons can be inserted into the map interface.  Visitors are able to hover/click the icons which allow them to view specific listing information.  

Other features include:

  • Map based searching
  • Keyword exact match search
  • Map zoom levels
  • Zoom level restrictions
  • Map result pagination
  • GEOcoding i.e. Address to latitude/longitude conversion
  • Ability to edit latitude or longitude in case of GEOcoding API data insufficiency
  • Advanced filters upgrades available with quote

Shown below are some examples of the capabilities of the LunaSoft platform using geo-coding, custom pins, custom maps colors and editing as well as a dynamic directory with listings selectable from the map.