Listing Manager Software

LunaSoft's Listing Manager Software provides the ability to showcase listings and organizations in a searchable online directory. The Listing Manager provides the flexibility to list vendors, products, organizations or any other items where consistency in listing information is required. Often, this is the perfect tool for classifieds, real estate listings, directory listings and other online databases.  Listings can be made public or private based on your website needs. 

Popular Users of Listing Manager Software

Users (organizations/listings) will be able to register, create a profile and login to edit their information. This information will display in a public search engine on the website that is viewable to site visitors. In the listing view limited details are visible. Site visitors can then read more by clicking the individual profile detail.

Luna will install the software module on the existing Luna Software Codebase.  We then take the existing XHTML/CSS design and "skin" the software to the look and feel of the existing website. Advanced listing features can be enabled or disabled based upon your company needs. One training session, over the phone or at Luna's facilities, is included at no additional charge.

Key Features include:

Public Details Page

  • Displays user listing information
  • Displays attached files and images
  • Options include:
    • Comments
    • Flag as inappropriate
    • YouTube embedded video
    • Google Maps
    • "Share" listing to social media pages
    • Add to favorites
    • Show number of days listed
    • Track number of views
    • And more!


  • Approve registrations before profile is public
  • Create and edit categories
  • Search user profiles via sort and filter options
  • "Feature" listings on home page
  • "Tag" a listing by:
    • Top Link
    • Editor's Pick
    • Most Views


  • Register with a simple online form
  • Login and edit profile information
  • Create or upload listing
    • Attach files
    • Upload images or embed YouTube videos
    • Select category or enable multiple categories
  • Receive notification of interest in listing (Optional)
  • Leads listed in user profile area


  • Limit which listings are made public from the administration area
  • Notification that new listing is created on site and needs approval
  • Choose to moderate free listings, paid listings or both
  • Add additional custom fields for each listing

Directory Search Engine

  • Search by keyword
  • Pagination
  • Breadcrumbs
    • Listings are rewritten to actual title of listing rather than a number ID
    • Appropriate H1 heading tags are used to optimize search engines

Listing Purchase Options

  • Turn on auto renew
  • Set auto renew intervals
  • compatible for intervals only
  • Create multiple packages for users to purchase listings
  • Real-time credit card processing through

More From This User

  • See other listings from listing user if enabled
  • Optimal for real estate where multiple listings by firms are used