"Yea - We Sell Donuts Too!"

software company supports local selling donuts

LunaSoft launched our first show room February 2015.  At the time it only made sense to sell donuts from one of the best donut shops in town: Banbury Cross Donuts.

People often ask - "Why do you sell donuts?". It's a great question really - but it's so simple to answer.

We love donuts and we love local.

There are some great side affects too that can't be ignored. For example - we have gained so many new customers who had no clue who we were until they bought a donut from us.

So it's simple: support local, create traffic and everybody wins.

Stop by and see us sometime or see our shopping cart POS software in action the next time you check out to buy a donut!

Check out LunaBanbury - our home for local donuts.