Create Custom Online Quizzes, Tests, Exams and More

Luna Online Tests is a quick and easy solution that allows a business to create custom tests for employees or visitors to their website. When an administrator logs into the secure backend area, they can create a new test and indicate where it will be displayed on the public front end of the site. Create almost any type of test; Multiple Choice, Short Answer or even Essay Questions, using our completely custom field chooser. Choose whether the test will save to a database, email the results to an administrator, or both.

Key features include:

User-Friendly Test Creation

  • Define custom fields to get the information your business needs
  • Easily reorder fields using drag & drop
  • Choose from a variety of fields through which to receive information, including:
    • Text Input, Drop Down, Radio, Check-box
    • Ability to Create Multi-Page Forms
    • Document Uploads
    • Custom Labels

Secure Database of Submissions

  • Submitted tests are saved to a secure database
  • Send submission to administrator via email
  • Save to database & send to admin email
  • Access user submissions via secure login
  • Avoid spammers & bot submissions with image verification (Captcha)


  • Customers receive a certificate upon passing the test
  • Ability to change the percentage required to pass
  • Customizable certificate design
  • Downloadable certificates

Survey/Form Submission Reporting

  • Ability to manipulate report data
    • Sort
    • Filter
    • Search

e-Commerce Integration to Accept Secure Payments

  • Create forms to accept credit card payments
  • Ability to link to merchant accounts & payment gateways for secure online payments
  • Integrates with
  • Interaction with e-commerce to accept credit cards

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