Lacking Skills in HTML or Computer Programming? Not a Problem.  

The Luna Content Management System is Here.

Residing at the core of the LunaSoft platform is a robust content management system (CMS), the LunaSiteEditor. Whether you’re seeking an unlimited number of website pages, have a desire to update your site’s text or graphics, or simply want to re-organize information, the Luna CMS provides the tools.

The web page manager is used to build unlimited pages on your website without needing to know HTML or programming languages. It also allows you to create web pages with the touch of a button and categorize or arrange them any way you choose. You can insert YouTube videos, images, and more. The Luna CMS gives you complete custom control over your website allowing you to make changes any time you please.

Is a Content Management System Right For Me?

Content management systems have empowered website owners with no coding experience to easily maintain their website. The CMS, as we know it, is a fairly new development in the way people manage and maintain their websites. Like any other product on the market, it is important to allow the customer the option to do simple maintenance. Just as it doesn't make sense to lock the hood of a car and prevent access to its engine, it wouldn't make sense to lock your website. Take control today with the LunaSoft Platform.

Key features include:

Page Builder

  • Edit your webpages with our custom CMS the same way you would write and edit in a simple word processing program
  • Build & edit web pages without programming or HTML knowledge
  • Built-in page regions allow users to edit specific areas of the site, while dynamic CSS keeps the look & feel of your site consistent
  • Add, edit and delete content on all pages
  • Re-order pages using ‘drag & drop’
  • No limit to the number of pages created
  • Control a page’s public visibility with the click of a button ( icon)
  • Easy-to-set navigation lets you select from:
    • Footer Navigation Links
    • Primary & Header Navigation Links
    • Primary & Footer Navigation Links
    • Left Link Navigation
  • Easily upload and embed photographs or images
  • Images automatically resize depending on preference, including:
    • Thumbnail, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Link images to URL or larger image depending on preference
  • Built-in CMS search engine allows:
    • Search all content of pages built with CMS
    • Type in keywords and view results of pages in order of relevance


Images & Video

  • Embed YouTube Video(s) to web pages or blog posts
  • Embed Flash SWF files to web pages or blog posts
  • Dynamic image resizing, positioning and customization
  • Categorize and upload your images with ease

Built-In File Management

  • Use groups to categorize files
  • Users with proper permission may create custom categories
  • Upload & manage document files in a variety of formats, including:
    • MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, PDF, etc
  • Upload & manage image files, including:
    • JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc
  • Upload & manage media files, including:
    • AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, etc
  • Link media files from a web page

Simplifies Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Use built-in software for on-going page optimization
  • Users can set and edit information, including:
    • Meta title, meta keywords, meta description
    • Define custom page URL
    • Add custom HREF titles
    • Set image ALT tags as desired
  • Supports incorporation of Google XML sitemap (Optional)
  • Supports ability to create auto-dynamic sitemap of all web pages (Optional)

Secure User Authentication

  • Secure login using e-mail & password
  • User permissions (controlled by administrator)
  • Limit features & access, including:
    • Access CMS section
    • Add/edit/delete pages
    • View CMS reporting
    • Make pages public
    • And more!

Enhanced Reporting

  • View analytics and statistics for your webpage
  • Enables tracking, monitoring and maintaining your website

Advanced Features

  • Secure Page Password Protection
    • Designate secure pages with username and password protection
    • Create user groups
    • Assign users to groups
    • Limit access of pages to groups
  • Layouts
    • Choose layout(s) from designed home and sub page(s)
  • URL Rewrites
    • Page URL will be rewritten with mod_rewrite for friendly URLs
    • Page will appear in the browser URL as page.php or page without the HTML or PHP extension(s)