Luna Mini ERP - The Small Business ERP

All small businesses get to the point where spreadsheets, websites and several software platforms are difficult to manage. You have your CRM on one platform or even on spreadsheets, your website hosted elsewhere, retail/pos software on desktops and perhaps your financial accounting and ecommerce store in even more locations.

Not to mention if you have social media accounts, marketing platforms and mass emails subscriptions - the cohesiveness of the data can be daunting.

Cost issues with Large ERP Systems

Many of the starter ERP packages are expensive as an initial setup license, annual license with maintenance contracts and ongoing support. Other more robust ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Sage, Oracle, SAP and hybrids of Salesforce with Drupal, Joomla, etc. are extremely costly to get setup and maintain. You should budget 100k to start with potentially similar ongoing costs depending on the number of users and modules needed.

LunaSoft created the first true Small Business or Mini ERP on the market that is affordable and made perfectly for smaller businesses who aren't already married to massive systems that are difficult to migrate off of. The reality is that many SMBs don't even know what a CRM or ERP system is.

LunaSoft works nicely with Quickbooks Online - the go to financial platform for SMBs and solves many of the multiple database issues that come with larger systems distributed over many different vendors.

Shopping Cart Integration with Quickbooks Online

For example - you sell product online. A customer purchases through the LunaSoft shopping cart - a sales receipt is entered into Quickbooks Online automatically and your inventory is synced on both sides.

Proposal Builder with Automatic Invoice Creation in Quickbooks

The next time you create a using the LunaSoft Proposal Builder - your customer will be able to sign it digitally and you can create an invoice on QBO with one click. No more transfering of data over to Quickbooks Online. The products and services match up automatically so you can save time on invoice creation.

Financial Information in CRM from Quickbooks Online

Customer Service, Sales, Support and many other folks in your organization need access to past payments, invoices and other pertinent information to provide the proper information to customers as they are in the sales and customer support process.  LunaSoft makes it easy. You don't have to create special QBO users. Just give permission the users on the LunaSoft platform and when they view a CRM contact they'll see past QB history right from the CRM without having to login to QB or without having to see private financial information on your company.

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