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Mom's are the busiest CEO's on the planet...but they sometimes get little credit.

With so much going on in today's world - you need to manage your home and family like a CEO.  CEO's use software tools or they would FAIL.

Large corporations are important - but not as important as the family and your home.

We're glad you're interested in our platform built just for the Mommy CEO!

You'll love the features to help you keep your home running like a true CEO.

  • Birthday Lists and Reminders
  • Contact Manager (Friends, Family, Vendors and everyone else)
  • Christmas Lists
  • Password Manager
  • Task Lists
  • Text Blaster (Test messaging lists)
  • Family Calendars
  • Family Blog (private or public)
  • Home Assets (store serial numbers, receipts, warranties and more)
  • Email Lists
  • And more!!

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