Classifieds: Simple, Easy & Effective

LunaClassifieds is not only user-friendly, it's also easy to manage. The classified site owner can determine whether users are able to post their items for free or for a cost. Visitors to the site can search for items by keyword and/or category. Sorting and filtering of items is made easy with drop down menus and keyword search fields. Users are able to register, create a profile and login to edit their information. Items for sale will display in a public search engine and is viewable to visitors. In the listing view, limited item details are visible. Site visitors can then learn more about the item by clicking on the summary. 

Key features include:

User Created Listings

  • Easily list items for sale
  • Edit the title, description and imagery
  • Post multiple items as allowed by administrator

Images and Video

  • Upload single or multiple images
  • Embed YouTube and other videos
  • Automatic thumbnails and image slider

Package Tiers/Levels

  • Site owner can create packages with different levels
  • Enhance packages with bold, featured or top listings
  • Customize packages to allow images, videos, etc

Automatic Listing Expiration

  • Items expire automatically based on setup date
  • Option to renew listing

Credit Card Payment

  • Secure online credit card payments
  • Works with popular gateway
  • Funds automatically post to your bank account

Ultimate Classifieds Flexibility

  • Site owner can approve items before profile is public
  • “Feature” links on home page
  • Administrator can sort, filter and search profiles
  • Create and edit categories
    • Reorder placement in categories by “drag and drop”
  • “Tag” a listing by:
    • Top Item
    • Editors Pick
    • Most Views

User Profile and Features

  • Register with a simple online form
  • Login and edit profile
  • Edit listed item(s) details
  • Buyers can tag item(s) as favorites
  • Message center
    • Automatic emails from interested buyers
    • List of received/sent messages

Classifieds Search Engine

  • Search by keyword
  • Category filtering
  • Pagination of search results
  • Breadcrumbs for easy navigation