A Reservation Module Designed For You

Luna's Reservation Software is a module commonly used by hotels, property rentals, B&B's, car rental companies, tour and charter companies, online schedulers and multi-use facilities. The Reservations Module will be installed and configured to your website URL for seamless integration. Any organization that requires booking, online scheduling or reservation software can benefit from Luna's user-friendly reservation system.

Customers can register, create a profile and login to edit their information. Profile information will display in a backend interface on the website that is viewable to site administrators. Reservations shown in the list view provide limited details. Site visitors can read more by clicking on individual reservations.

Key features include:

Best In Class: Extensive Reservation Posting Flexibility

  • Administrator can sort, filter and search reservation items
  • Create, edit and delete categories
    • Reorder category placement by “drag and drop”
  • Mark reservation as “featured”
    • Top Link
    • Most Views

Online Reservation Management

  • Reservations
  • Appointments
  • Bookings
  • Edit orders
  • Manage
    • Units
    • Unit, room or booking rates
    • Clients and guests
    • Reservations and bookings
    • Payments
    • Customizable Fees and services
    • Refunds
    • Taxes

Detailed Reporting

  • View items available
  • View reservations
  • View all items

Real-time Calendar

  • Availability by unit
  • Filled slots by unit


  • Secure checkout with credit card
  • Real-time credit card processing through

More Reservations features:

  • Public Details Page
    • Displays info of reservation items
    • Displays other info, attached files, etc based on enabled fields in Users below
    • Optional
      • Commenting
      • Rating
      • Flag as inappropriate
      • YouTube embedded Video
      • Google Maps based on Address
      • Listing sharing through social media
        • “Add This”
        • Twitter
        • Facebook
        • Delicious
        • Email Send
        • Digg
        • MySpace
        • StumbleUpon
        • Many more
      • Add to favorites if logged in
      • Show tracking of views


    • Register with a simple online form
    • Login and edit profile
      • Name
      • Address
        • City
        • State
        • Zip
        • County
      • Website
      • Phone
      • Fax
      • Email


    • When enabled, site owner receives notification of interest in reservation
    • All leads listed in profile area when user logs in
    • When disabled users receives email of interested user
    • Contact form by listing
  • Customizable fields
    • Add additional custom fields to hold data for each reservation listing

Directory Search Engine

    • Ability to search by keyword
    • Pagination
  • Breadcrumbs
    • Assists in viewing categories
    • Reservation web pages are rewritten to include real html meta titles and urls of the listing instead of number ID’s
    • Appropriate H1 –heading tags are used to offer precedence to search engines