Custom Configured E-Commerce Portal with Real-Time Checkout
& Reporting Capabilities

Luna knows what it takes to achieve e-commerce and e-business success. We have the experience that allows us to help you sell your products online right away. With our software, you have everything you need to set up your business website and start selling online. It’s quick and easy to add and edit your products and begin accepting orders. Visitors will find it easy to search for the products they are interested in. Easily add products to your online store with multiple images and even streaming video.

Easily sell your product without selling your soul

The Luna Shopping Cart is a web-based turnkey solution that works hand-in-hand with the Luna Codebase. This means there is no software to install or maintain and standard upgrades and features are implemented automatically. The cart is seamlessly integrated into your design, appearing to be a completely custom solution. Depending on your budget, we provide a pre-built, e-commerce solution that can be installed on a custom design or a professional, pre-existing layout. The shopping cart is configured to look, feel and flow with your product set and budget.


  • List your products and images
  • Add multiple items to cart
  • View cart total and link on all pages
  • Edit shopping cart items and quantities
  • Secure checkout with credit card
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Real-time approval or decline

  Basic Shopping Cart Features

Product Detail Page

  • Image magnifier on hover
  • Product information details
  • Model/SKU display
  • Price display
  • Item name display

Customer Login

  • View current order status and/or past orders
  • Print/View receipts
  • Edit/View account information
  • Edit/View profile/password
  • Edit/View billing information
  • Edit/View shipping information

Product Manager

  • Secure administrative login
  • Add, edit or delete products
  • Upload multiple images and select main image
  • View large image with navigation links to other photos
  • Automatically resizes images
  • Update price, name, description, model, inventory and actual cost

Payments & Shipping

  • Paypal Express Checkout
  • Custom Payment Options
  • E-receipts
  • Shipping options include:
    • Flat-rate shipping
    • Free shipping
    • In-store pickup
    • And more!

Images and Videos

  • Set main image for each product
  • Automatically resize images
  • Automatically create multiple thumbnails
  • Thumbnail image hover – hover mouse
    over image to view larger
  • Embed video from Youtube, Vimeo
    or Photobucket

Social Media Share

  • "Share" products to social media pages such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Delicious, Stumbleupon, etc.
  • "Like" option for Facebook page
  • "Tell a friend" feature

Sales Tax Options

  • Set sales tax options for your cart
  • Set sales tax individually by state (United States and Canadian provinces supported)
  • Set tax rates by country

Category Management

  • Manage multiple categories and subcategories
  • Easy "drag & drop" of category and product order
  • Reassign multiple products to another category
  • Create custom descriptions and images for each category section
  • Hide or turn off product/category as needed

Robust search engine

  • Keyword search
  • Search filters by price and/or category

Multiple Administrators

  • Add multiple administrators
  • Separate secure logins
  • Select administrative level of access for individual users

Search Engine Optimization – Automatic URLs

  • Automatic URL rewriting based on category and product name keywords
  • Automatic H1 (heading 1) creation based off product title
  • Automatic image ALT tag with keywords

Inventory Manager

  • Ability to set initial quantities in stock and edit quantity count
  • Stock count automatically decreases as products are purchased

Order History

  • Ability for client to login and view past orders
  • Client can print receipts in clean format
  • Stores customer information for later purchases.

Order Management and Fulfillment

  • View orders by date range, keyword and customer filters
  • Edit shipping information and customer information
  • Automatically email order status using a custom status template
  • Print generic shipping labels and packing slips
  • Message center to track customer service and client communication
  • Update shipping status
    • Processing
    • Shipped
    • And more!

Dashboard Reporting

  • View reports by:
    • Date range
    • Keyword
    • Products purchased
    • Most viewed products
    • Users logged in
    • Custom orders
    • Real-time graphs and charts of recent orders and revenue
  • Statistics
    • Orders this month
    • Gross sales this month
    • Gross sales this year
    • Product views this month
    • Total product views
    • Product purchases this month
    • Total product purchases
    • New registrations this month
  • Trending products
  • Revenue last 30 days
  • Number of orders
  • Revenue for year
  • New registrations

Mini Cart Global

  • Displays a miniature shopping cart on all pages
  • Ability to edit mini cart

  View Advanced Shopping Cart Features

"I am still a small, growing business and Luna worked with me to find options that worked for my budget and far exceeded my expectations (especially compared to what a lot of others had offered). My business is already doing double (if not more) than what I was doing before!" 

Paige S.
Layton, utah