Premium Shopping Cart Features

All features included in Basic and Advanced and:

Vendor Drop Shipping Alerts

  • Customize vendor templates by product
  • Custom dynamic fields in receipt template
  • Automatic email alerts to notify vendors

Credit Vouchers

  • Allows the site administrator to offer credit vouchers on a customer account
  • Administrators can create a unique code designed for a specific user
  • Administrators indicate the worth of the credit voucher
  • Automatically tracks  purchases and updates voucher balance

Downloadable Products

  • Sell products as downloads
    after purchase
  • Typical for e-book type websites
  • Ability to limit number of downloads
  • Ability to limit date range for downloads

Premium Inventory Management

  • Automated low-stock email alerts
  • Detailed inventory report with stock levels, advanced filters, etc.

Gift Registry

  • Wedding Registries
  • Baby Shower Registries
  • Gift Registries

Gift Certificates

  • Customers can purchase gift certificates
  • Administrators can create a product that shows up as a gift certificate
  • Administrators set the amount for the gift certificate or show a drop down of designated amounts
  • Unique code creation allows users to return and purchase items against the gift certificate balance
  • Users can login and enter code to view their current balance for gift certificate
  • Premium administrator reporting to view gift certificate usage

Group Pricing Discounts

  • Great for wholesalers, retailers, distributors, etc.
  • Easily add existing users to groups
  • When user is logged in, their discounted price appears automatically
  • Create discounts by:
    • Percentage off original price
    • Dollar amount off original price

Administrator Checkout and Phone orders

  • Allows administrator to login as a user and process an order
  • Ability to mark as paid or check record details, etc.
  • Records order as administrative order by administrator user name
  • Filter reports by web orders or administrative orders

Premium Reporting

  • Estimated profitability report based on products sold versus cost
  • New customer report which details customer revenue by customer and date range

Secondary Categories

  • Add secondary categories to filter search results
  • Tag products to secondary categories

Custom Shipping Rules

  • Build custom shipping rules with JSON-structured configuration library
  • Feeds linear login chain    
    • Conditionals
    • Operations

Attachments at Checkout

  • Allows customers to attach documents at checkout by product

Promotional Shipping Codes/Coupons

  • Shipping discounts by promotion code

Third-Party Customizations and Integrations

The Luna Shopping Cart integrates with SalesForce CRM, UPS, USPS, FedEx and freight.  Please let us know of any advanced integrations that you may require for your website.