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Discover How Easy It Is To Manage Your Products Online

The Lunasoft Shopping Cart enables anyone to easily manage their products online. Here you will see that website admins are able to organize their products into categories, track inventory, toggle product visibility, and much more.


All Product Information In One Place

When it comes to shopping cart software, you need something powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use. Not only are you able to specify if an item is a physical or downloadable product, you can also record such useful information as the UPC/barcode, manufacturer, cost to you, shipping details, and even if this product is tax-exempt; all in one location.


Making Your Product Easy To Find Online

When it comes to helping your customers find your products online, the Lunasoft Shopping Cart provides all of the tools you need to make sure your product can be found in search engines. Rich SEO features include customizations for the title, keywords, description, and even URL for each individual product.


Keeping All Of Your Products' Assets Organized

Do more than just post pictures of your product! In addition to embedding videos, you are able to attach a variety of documents to a product including:

  • PDFs
  • Word docs
  • and more!


Product Variation Made Easy

If you have variations of a product (such as color, sizes, etc.), the Lunasoft Shopping Cart eliminates the complexity of selling such products. In addition to specifying variations of one product SKU, you can even set differences in price among the variations.


Display Your Products On Your Site - No Programming Necessary

All of the products and categories you create as an admin will automatically be output on the website, and the public will be able to search for, sort, and purchase your products with ease.


Beautifully Displaying The Individual Product

To compete in the modern online marketplace, you need much more than just posting products online for sale. Enable customers to share your product on social media, post reviews, and browse through similar products.