Can Your Brand Become the New 'Facebook'?

How you brand it will be entirely up to you, but LunaSoft's Social Network software can take the heavy lifting involved with starting the world's next only IT community, off your plate.

Key features include:

Member & Friend Connect

  • Find Friends
    • Registered Users are able to search for & find other registered users
    • Send friend request
    • After friend request approval, members may view each others' status updates, news feeds & post messages to walls
  • Settings
    • Profiles can be set to be public
    • Profiles can be set to be private

Member Message Center

  • Custom display & configuration options
  • Custom formatting options
  • Member-to-Member private messaging
    (both users must be logged in)
  • Alerts member when a message is received
  • Review sent/received messages
  • Archive of messages using day & time

Personal News Feed

  • Registered users can post updates, pictures, and messages to their feed
  • Members who are connected as 'friends' can comment on each others' status updates
  • Members can view all posts on their wall
  • Members can view all posts on their friends walls
  • Time-stamp of posts are saved to database
  • Members can view time-stamp of posts by users
  • Members are alerted when new content is posted to their wall

Member User Groups

  • Users have ability to create private groups
  • Other members can submit a request to join another user's group
  • Groups are listed on the your website
  • View members who are part of a group
  • Group administrator/owner has ability to approve or deny a request to join their group

Member Photo Management

  • Members may upload, delete, and view images in their profile & news feed
  • Supports variety of image file formats, including:
  • Automatic image re-sizing for  to various sizes without distortion. Image sizing choices: 
    • Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • View enlarged images in pop-up boxes if desired
  • Image viewer allowing members option to select 'previous' or 'next' to view images