Create and Manage Your Subscription Based Products and Services

Easily create and manage your subscription based products and services with LunaSoft's Subscription Management Software. Create tiered levels or packages, edit and manage them from a secure administrative platform, and enjoy the ease of automatic bill pay. 

Key features include:

Subscription Package
Setup & Management

  • Create subscription packages
    • Name, description and price
    • Create tiers, levels or packages
  • Organize recurring intervals of packages
    • Years, Months or Days
  • Administrative order processing with payment override capabilities
  • Control user accessed content based on subscription level
  • Upgrade or downgrade subscriptions
  • Cancellations made by administrator or by user

Automatic Payments & Renewal

  • Automatic recurring billing via credit card
  • Send and receive recurring email notifications
  • Integrate with real time e-commerce
  • Automatic subscription expiration

Create Promotional Coupon Codes

  • Create coupon codes
  • Allow coupon codes for specific user groups
  • Create code to expire within a specific time period

Offer Trial Periods

  • Set a separate rate for trial periods
  • Specify the length of trial
  • Trial will automatically end when time period is done
  • Automatic email alerts to renew & upgrade

Subscription & User Reporting

  • List view of current subscribers
  • List of subscription types
  • Revenue
  • Promotion code usage