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Adding Links

Watch the VideoAdding a New Link

In order to create a link, simply highlight the page text you would like to be a link.

Watch the VideoEditing Links 

In the toolbar, click the "Insert/Edit Link" button.

The "Insert/Edit Link" window will now display, where you have access to many tools to get your link to look and perform how you want it to.

General Tab

  • Link URL: the URL, or web page, where you would like the link to go to. (Required)
  • Target: define how you would like the link to open
  • Title: a very brief description of the link, which is displayed when a user hovers over it
  • Class: if your website came with some predefined link styles, you can select them here.

Watch the VideoRemoving Links

In order to unlink the portion of text, simply press the "Unlink" button in the toolbar.

 Adding FontAwesome Icons

If your site has been set up to support FontAwesome (i.e. with the appropriate javascript), adding new icons is a breeze!

In order to add icons, follow these steps in the admin interface:

1. Write the name of the FontAwesome icon you want to display. Select the text and then click the "insert/edit link" button.

For a list of acceptable icon names, visit the FontAwesome website.


2. In the popup that appears, type in the URL of the link in the General tab. In the Advanced tab, write "fa" in the classes input.


3. If the name you typed and linked up is a valid icon name, you will now see the icon appear on your webpage. Here is an example: