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Adding Media

Watch the VideoAdding Pictures

This tutorial will show you how to add pictures you have already uploaded to the CMS into your web page content.

Before adding an image to your page, check to see if your “path” text ends in a “p”. If it does not then your image may not display properly on the page because of incorrect formatting.

Watch the VideoTip: Proper Formatting

When you are ready to insert an image, click the “add image” button on the Images sidebar to the right or the "Add File/Image" button  in the toolbar.


Select the image you would like to add.  If you need help finding it, there are search options to help you. 

  • View files for category: browse through your categories
  • Sort by: sort the results
  • Type: filter the results by the file type

The LunaSoft platform features a built-in editor that automatically creates various sizes of an image upon uploading it to the CMS.

  • What Size Image?: Of the various sizes created for you, select which size you would like displayed
  • Link to: If you want the image to simply display on the page without going anywhere, select "no link".  Otherwise, the image will link to a new page displaying a different size of itself, which you are able to select here.

Within this window, you are also able to insert a picture from your device while at the same time uploading it to the CMS. For more information on how to upload files, click here.


After you have pressed "Insert", the image will now be displayed in your content window. The image may display on your page like this:


Display Images At Highest Quality

In order to display the image at highest quality, it is recommended to insert the image into the content as "native" size. In the content editor, when you hover over an image you will see the orange link icon link-icon.png and blue camera icon camera-icon.png. Click the orange link icon, and then to the right of the "image" field you will see a camera button. Click that button, and then you will be able to browse the photos you have uploaded to the site. After selecting the image you want to use, be sure to choose "size: 1400px (or native)". This will ensure the highest quality image is inserted.

Watch the VideoHow to Float Images

 As an example, suppose you want your image to float to the right of the page text. 


Simply drag the image to the area in the content window where you would like it to float left.


After having selected the image, press the Float Right button in the toolbar.


Your image is now floating right in the content window.

Press the save button and you can now view the result:


 Removing Pictures

In order to remove a picture, simply click on the image from within the content editor and press the "Delete" button or "Backspace" button on your keyboard. 

(You can also right click the image and select the "Delete" menu option)

Embedding Youtube Videos

To embed a Youtube video on a page, simply open the sidebar on the right rsde of the page. Click on the "Video" item in the dropdown to view the various video styles that can be added to the page.

video snippet

After choosing the snippet of content you would like to use, drag it into the content area of the editor. When you hover over the video in the editor, you will notice a blue button that says "Edit Link". Click on that button to edit the url of the video you are wanting to embed. You can directly paste the URL of the video here.

edit video link